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32nd World Vegetarian Congress 1996
[Vegetarian Summerfest '96: A World Vegetarian Congress]

North American Local Group Organizers
Pictures and Comments from the Cybercafe

[Leor Jacobi] I'm a coordinator of Vegan Action, a non-profit group I helped found. We have a fun "McVegan" campaign, and we also are working on getting vegan options in colleges across the US. Get in touch when you come through the Bay Area! GO VEGAN

Leor Jacobi
Coordinator of Vegan Action, McVegan campaign.
Berkeley, California, USA

[Amie Hamlin] This conference is great! It is my 8th Vegetarian Summerfest. It's a great place to see old friends and meet new ones. I am the founder and coordinator of a local vegetarian group - Club Veg in the Triple Cities area of upstate NY. I also founded a local group in NE PA - Vegetarian Society of Northeast Pennsylvania. I got started in Raleigh, NC, where I used to help run the Triangle Vegetarian Society until I moved away. I work in the anti-tobacco movement and do massage therapy, and I find that no matter what you do, there are ways to promote vegetarianism. In addition, I teach vegetarian classes and turn people on to great food, recipes, and motivations for moving in this direction. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of running Club Veg. We have reached a lot of people in a small city, and do a lot of great activities including bringing well known people to the area and providing all you can eat meals, among many other exciting events. Recently, the regional vegetarian groups in upstate NY have started collaborating with each other so we can be more effective. I love doing all of this vegetarian activism. One sure way to be happy is to do what you know is right. What else can you do?

Amie Hamlin
Founder of Club Veg Triple Cities, licensed massage therapist.
Binghamton, New York, USA

Best time!

Anne Burky
President and co-founder of Hampton Roads Vegetarian Society, host of radio show Vegetarian Connection
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

[Anne Burky]

[Brian Klocke] I am in sensory overload with all the wonderful people I have been meeting. I wish this conference was more affordable for people with lower incomes so they could have this experience as well. I believe that we as a movement need to have a spiritual foundation and a philosophy of action/way of being in the world. We need to make linkages between issues of human oppression, issues of animal oppression, destruction of the environment and our relationships to all three. We need to have a holistic and global approach to veganism/vegetarianism. I am inspired by people I have met to renew my commitments to living a compassionate life and changing the very nature of how I relate to all life.

If you live in the Ithaca area or would like to visit, please call me at (607) 375-4256 - we are all one family. I would also like to speak with anyone interested in the Ithaca Area Vegetarian Supper Club and a new group yet to be named that is an activist/educational outreach group that embraces much of the philosophy described above.

Peace to you and all living beings,
Brian Klocke

Brian Klocke
Ithaca, New York, USA

[David A. Kidd] Hi. I'm glad to have you check in on me. I'm an environmental activist involved in many issues in my community. In brief, after becoming very ill in Viet Nam twice, I became a vegetarian in December 1971. Over the past 25 years my friends and I have promoted a veggie diet in many ways. One of those was to start the Vegetarian Club of Canton. We meet at a different restaurant each month to have a vegan dinner and a lecture program. After paying the learning curve to teach the restaurants to cook for us, we now have over 100 restaurants that offer at least one veggie meal on their menu. If you request, we can send you a sample of our club calendar or monthly newsletter.

In addition, I became interested in the global warming problem, and have launched a project to plant one billion trees in the Americas. After our first seven years, our non-profit, the American Free Tree Program has planted 8.5 million trees. This year, we did 1.6 million trees with over one million student and adult volunteers. Next year we will launch a massive project that could be the largest single planting project in American history, then we want to start an international project we are currently working on. We are constantly looking for people to start free tree programs in their communities. Please inquire.

It's after midnight. Got to go.
Cheers, David

David A. Kidd
Founder of American Free Tree Program, Vegetarian Club of Canton, environmental activist, stress management teacher.
Canton, Ohio, USA

[Jack Norris] I'm with Vegan Outreach. Vegan Outreach is an organization promoting veganism through the distribution of our hard-hitting (sorry about the violent metaphor) booklet, Why Vegan? We send our booklets to activists throughout the country for distribution to their friends, family, and community. I travel to colleges throughout the country during the schoolyear, leafleting. Call us at (412) 247-3527.

Jack Norris
Based in South Carolina, USA

Board Members of Greater Cincinnati Vegetarian Resource Group, since 1985 (in one form or another), and Greater Cincinnati Animal Rights Community.

Also wrote the Caloriffic Lifestyle Program: Lose and maintain weight with a vegan lifestyle.
For Information:
Vegeriffic Press
PO Box 31455
Cincinnati, OH 45231

Jayn and Tom Meinhardt
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

[Jayn and Tom Meinhardt]
[Jayn and Tom Meinhardt]

[Lorraine Bal] In 1990, for ethical reasons, I became a vegetarian. I plan to continue being vegetarian for the rest of what I hope is a long, happy life. I volunteer with the Central Jersey Vegetarian Group for any tasks that are needed. Where else would I find so many supportive like-minded people who are sensitive to the needs of nonhumans? We work hard and hope for membership to grow through time. We hope that people at large will realize that vegetarian diet makes good sense for them, as well as for the earth and other beings.

Animals are one of the main focuses in my life at the moment. By caring for my own pets, and other people's animals through my own pet-sitting service, I balance my intentions to contribute and my need to earn a living.

The good food here at the World Vegetarian Congress in Johnstown, PA, is a real challenge to my weight-reduction program. But next week is another week.

Lorraine Bal
Colonia, New Jersey, USA

[Matt and Mary Kelly]
Contact us for information regarding the Berkshire Vegetarian Network or the Berkshire Advocates for Animals. We have at least two large Vegetarian Potluck Dinners per year, with major speakers.
Tel: (413) 443-4752, Fax: (413) 442-8937.

Matt and Mary Kelly
Western Massachusetts, USA

[Rae Schlecht] This has been a wonderful learning experience. I am founder and coordinator of the Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society.

Rae Schlecht
Kingston, New York, USA

[Rhoda Sapon] One of the most exciting technologies of this century is the existence of the Internet, enabling people world-wide to be kept informed about the advantages of a plant-based diet.

Rhoda Sapon
Co-founder of the Rochester Area Vegetarian Society, hunger activist.
Rochester and Old Forge, New York, USA

[Stacey Walder] Thank you NAVS for all your hard work in arranging this great conference. Here's an open invitation for New Jersey folks to join us in the "Central Jersey Vegetarian Group" -- we're located in the Somerset-Middlesex county area but everyone is welcome to join us.

Stacey Walder
President, Central Jersey Vegetarian Group
New Jersey, USA

Stanley M. Sapon, PhD
Co-founder of the Rochester Area Vegetarian Society, hunger activist, Professor emeritus of psycholinguistics.
Rochester and Old Forge, New York, USA
[Stanley Sapon]