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32nd World Vegetarian Congress 1996
[Vegetarian Summerfest '96: A World Vegetarian Congress]

Registration / Accommodation Fees

Adult Double $559$415$230
Double A/C$639$462n/a
Single $607$440$255
Full Time Student Double $464$330$180
Double A/C$544$377n/a
Single $512$355$205
Youth (12-17) Meals/bed $394$276$125
Meals/bed A/C$437$305n/a
Meals/no bed*$296$211$96
Child (6-11) Meals/bed $308$215$97
Meals/bed A/C$359$249n/a
Meals/no bed*$216$155$67
Child (2-5) Meals/bed $155$110$55
Meals/bed A/C$206$144n/a
Meals/no bed*$65$50$25

These fees include admission to all classes, lectures and workshops.

* Sharing a room with parents.
Children under 2 are free with no bed.
All prices are per person and in US Dollars.
A/C means that the room is air conditioned.
n/a means that this option is not available.

A $10 room key deposit is required upon check-in. Key deposit will be returned at departure. The conference center charges $25 for lost keys; attendees who don't return keys must pay the additional $15.

Off-campus tours are planned to nearby sites of interest, for an additional fee.

NAVS will operate a bookstore and vendors will also offer merchandise for sale.

You may also pay per-class fees to attend most of the 200 or so sessions offered during the week-long conference. If you are in the neighborhood, or can arrange to be, you might want to stop by and check out some of the classes, lectures and workshops.

The per-class fees for non-registrants are as follows:

Adults Students & Youths Children
Plenary (keynote speakers)$12$6free
Food demos (with vegan food sampling)$15$8free