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30th World Vegetarian Congress 1993
Madras, India

Minutes of meetings of the International Council of I.V.U. held during the World Vegetarian Congress at the Kfar Maccabiah Centre, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel from 17th - 24th April,1990.
World Vegetarian Congress 1992
There was a full discussion about the dates and venues for the congress. It was agreed that the congress should take place in July, 1992 and that it should begin on 16th July. The congress would begin with five nights in New Delhi of which the first three would be tourist visits followed by two days of congress business. This would be followed by six nights in Madras of which the first four days would be business and the final day visits. There will be two nights in Bombay for those who wished to attend and this would include the final congress dinner. It was not felt that there should be breaks in the journeys to visit other places. It was emphasised that a programme of workshops should parallel the lecture programme and that workshops should be one at a time only.

29th World Vegetarian Congress 1990, Tel Aviv, Israel
Minutes of the IVU General Meeting
World Vegetarian Congress - 1992
The offer to host the congress in India was unanimously approved. The Deputy President thanked the gathering for supporting India and announced that it was hoped the congress would concentrate on New Delhi and Madras.

From The Vegetarian (UK Vegetarian Society), October 1992 and January 1993:

World Vegetarian Congress 1993
January 1993, The Music Academy, Madras, India.
Advance booking to allow arrangements for hotels and travel is of course vital. The conference will include lectures, workshops and excursions. Registration is between US $120-$150 depending on how early you book. Total cost is expected to be $150 per person.
For more information contact MG Lee, 10 Kings Drive, Marple, Stockport, Cheshire SK6 6NQ

Prior to the main conference there will be a scientific conference on vegetarianism in New Delhi. Anyone interested in attending or presenting a paper should contact the Indian Vegetarian Congress, 2nd Floor, 17 Damodaran Street, Gopalapuram, Madras, 600 086, India, or telephone Madras 477 133

31st World Vegetarian Congress 1994, The Hague, Holland]
Reports from Regional Secretaries
India and the East - Mr Jashu Shah, the regional secretary reported the situation had been difficult in 1993 due to the riots which limited activity. Nevertheless, there had been a very successful congress in Madras. Action by vegetarians and animal protection groups had led to less slaughter house activity and stray dogs are no longer killed. A major aim of Indian vegetarians is to discourage people from taking up meat eating. Maharaj Bir Singh Ji of the Nanhari Sikhs spoke about the history of the Nandhari Sikhs and their approach to vegetarianism. They support the holding of vegetarian congresses and try to attend them. They offered their congratulations to Veg International on becoming the hosts for the 1998 world vegetarian congress.


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