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28th World Vegetarian Congress 1986
Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia

North Americans at the Congress

The Hon.General Secretary, . . . mentioned the . . . .increased number of member societies and individuals in the United States.

North America Mr Mitch Darer reported in behalf of Mr Brian Graff. He mentioned the hopes for the development of activity in North America and the way in which concern was growing over the treatment of animals.

Reports were presented from the following Societies:- . . . Toronto, . . . American Vegan Society, . . . Vegetarian Information Service, . . . Washington D.C. Vegetarian Society, . . . North American Vegetarian Society, . . .

The following elections were made:-
Hon.Fellows: . . . Swami Satchidanajandi, (USA)
Hon.Vice Presidents: . . . Mr Jay Dinshah . . .
Executive Vice Presidents: . . . Dr.Alex Hershaft, Mrs Madge Darneille, . . . Miss Melinda Marks.
Elected members of the International Council: . . . Mr Mitch Darer, Mr Brian Graff,
Hon Regional Secretaries: . . . North America - Mr Keith Akers

Mrs Madge Darneille reiterated the purpose of Reverence for Life Month. She emphasised that suitable days for the celebration varied from country to country and that there were various days in the month of October that were relevant. What was important was that there should be as much activity as possible in all countries.