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26th World Vegetarian Congress 1982
Neu-Ulm, West Germany

The photographs on this page are part of a collection by John le Grice, President of VSUK in 1982. Those on this page are mainly of Mr le Grice himself.

The colour photos on the VSUK report page are from the same collection - all the pictures were sent to Bronwen Humphries, editor of the VSUK magazine, with the letter below. She selected four to use in the magazine, as can be seen n the report page. Presumably the report was written by John le Grice, though no credit was given in the magazine.


Purley, Surrey

Dear Bron,

Here are some photographs with suggested captions captions of I.V.U.

Neville Hall is not back yet, he may have some other photos as well.

I have made no attempt to write an article about it, but there were about 620 people present. When I can collect my thoughts a little more I will have a try. It is impossible to report all the lectures, Neville made some notes so perhaps between us we can give you some thoughts.

with kind regards

John le Grice

'Compere' John le Grice introducing Gordon Latto's 'one-man' act at a concert given by the societies attending.

The Conference Hall used for all the main lectures and business meetings. The hall also doubled as a dining room.

Julius Fleischanderl, retiring S.C.I.V.U. Hon. Secretary and John le Grice one of the newly elected Hon.Executive Vice Presidents

Barbara Latto translating into German for John le Grice

Some members of the VSUK delegation.