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26th World Vegetarian Congress 1982
Neu-Ulm, West Germany

North Americans at the Congress

from Congrese reports: The Mankar Trophy was awarded to Professor Scott-Nearing in honour of his long-standing interest and activity connected with the vegetarian cause.

The next IVU Congress will be held in America by invitation of the North American Vegetarian Society, Washington DC, the details have yet to be decided.

from the minutes of the General Meeting:. . . since the last World Congress Woodland Kahler (former President of I.V.U.), [and others] had died. Participants stood for a short period in their memory.

North America Mrs Pat Takacs reported on behalf of Mr Brian Graaf, the regional secretary, who was not able to attend the Congress. She reminded participants of the Congress which had been held in Maine in 1975. It was hoped the 1984 World Congress would be held in the United States. A large number of vegetarian groups now existed in the U.S.A. and Canada and interest in vegetarianism and animal welfare is growing.

The following elections were made :-
Hon.Fellows: . . . Professor Scott Nearing (U.S.A.),
Executive Vice Presidents: Mr Jay Dinshah, . . .
Elected Members of the International Council: . . . Mrs Pat M.Takacs, . . . .Miss Melinda Marks, Mrs Madge Darneille. (all USA)
Honorary Regional Secretaries: . . . North America - Mr Brian Graff

There were three offers to host the 1984 World Congress, the N.A.V.S. and the Vegetarian Information Service each offering a venue in the United States, and one offer for Israel. Delegates voted to accept the offer from the N.A.V.S. and hoped there would be active participation from all relevant groups.

Reports were presented from the following societies:-
North American Vegetarian Society - Mrs Pat Takacs
Vegan Society - Mr Dick Stafursky