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26th World Vegetarian Congress 1982
Neu-Ulm, West Germany

Minutes of the IVU General Meeting

International Vegetarian Union

Minutes of the General Meeting of representatives of member societies held at various times during the 26th World Congress in the Edwin Scharff-Haus, Neu-Elm, West Germany, 22nd July to 1st August, 1982.

  1. Chairman's Welcome
    The chairman, Dr Gordon Latto (President of I.V.U.), welcomed the representatives and other congress participants. More than 30 countries were represented among the 650 participants.

  2. Apologies for absence
    1. The Hon. General Secretary informed the meeting that since the last World Congress Woodland Kahler (former President of I.V.U.), Shri Jhaveri of the Indian Congress and Dr Richard St.Barbe-Baker, founder of the "Men of Trees", had died. Participants stood for a short period in their memory.
    2. A number of a apologies for absence and messages of goodwill were read out.

  3. Minutes
    The minutes of the General Meeting of representatives of member societies held at the 25th World Congress in Loughborough, England were presented and approved.

  4. The Hon.General Secretary's Report
    The Hon.General Secretary reported that his main aim since his election at the last World Congress had been to consolidate the affairs of I.V.U., to develop contacts with vegetarian societies throughout the world, to revise the constitution, to maintain regular communication with member societies and to discover the needs and wishes of members.

    He has publishes an annual newsletter which had been well received and had produced a leaflet about I.V.U. which was available at the Congress.

    He would now like to see I.V.U. play a more active part in world affairs. In particular, it would be desirable for I.V.U. to seek representation on appropriate United Nations and regional advisory bodies. He invited societies to let him have details of suitably qualified persons who might represent I.V.U.

  5. Hon.Treasurer's Report
    In the absence of the Hon.Treasurer, the Hon,General Secretary presented the audited accounts for the period 1st April, 1979 to 31st March, 1982. It was agreed that the accounts should show details of the bequests such as the Laski bequest and that the interest on the Manker Foundation's capital should be separately indicated.

    Various suggestions concerned with fund raising were made.

    The accounts and list of member societies were approved.

  6. Regional Secretaries Reports

    Africa No report
    Australasia Mr.George Karolyi reported growing interest in vegetarianism and increasing co-operation with experienced welfare groups. He pointed out the problems experienced due to the large distances between population centres in Australia.
    Europe Mr Christopher Fettes had organised a meeting of European vegetarian societies in Luxembourg attended by representatives of seven countries with a view to developing a co-operative activity in Europe. In addition he had circulated a newsletter and questionnaire to twenty one countries. He reported that the Italian Vegetarian Society had agreed to organise a European Congress from 25th - 30th August, 1983 at Perugia.
    India and the East Surendra Mehta spoke of the problems encountered due to the encouragement of meat-eating in India. The main centres of activity are India, Shri Lanka, Japan and Singapore.
    Latin America Dr German Alberti informed participants that interest in vegetarianism was growing in Latin America. A successful Congress had been held in Brasilia in 1980.
    Middle East Mr Philip Pick, who was unable to attend the Congress, sent a written report. He commented on the problems associated with the attitude to animals in many countries in the area. In Israel interest in vegetarianism had continued to grow and the movement was flourishing.
    North America Mrs Pat Takacs reported on behalf of Mr Brian Graaf, the regional secretary, who was not able to attend the Congress. She reminded participants of the Congress which had been held in Maine in 1975. It was hoped the 1984 World Congress would be held in the United States. A large number of vegetarian groups now existed in the U.S.A. and Canada and interest in vegetarianism and animal welfare is growing.

  7. Revision of the Constitution
    The revised constitution, with one minor amendment was approved.

  8. Election of Officers and Voluntary Positions
    The following elections were made :-

    • President: Dr Gordon Latto
    • Deputy President: Mr Ulrich Schroter
    • Hon.Fellows: Mrs Rukmini Devi Arundale (India), Herr Geo Hiller (West Germany), Mr Geoffrey Hodson (New Zealand), Mrs Mehra D.Malegamvala (India), Professor Scott Nearing (U.S.A.), Mr Geoffrey Rudd (U.K.), Mrs Wilhelmina Elkeboom-Broekman (Netherlands).
    • Hon.Vice Presidents: Dr rer oec Ralph Bircher, Mr V.H.Dalmia, Dr Ferdinando Delor, Mr Philip Pick, H.H.Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj, Dr M.Tada, Mr Fred Whittle, Mr Shantilal Mehta, Mr Indirit Jain.
    • Executive Vice Presidents: Mr Jay Dinshah, Mr Julius Fleischanderl, Mr Brian Gunn-King, Mr Anders Kocken, Mr Rudolf Meyer, Mr M.I.Abdul Khalik, Mr John le Grice, Dr German Alberti Vasquez.
    • Elected Members of the International Council: Mr Edwin Heller, Mrs Pat M.Takacs, Mr Moshe Stolov, Mr.Jashu C.Shah, Dr Hilmar Burgrabbe, Dr Kazimir Chomicz, Miss Melinda Marks, Mrs Madge Darneille.
    • Honorary Regional Secretaries: Africa - Mr Jan Beeldman; Australasia - Mr George Karolyi; Europe - Mr Christopher Fettes; Jointly for India and the East - Mr Surendra Mehta and Dr M.M.Bhamgara; Latin America - Dr German Alberti Vasquez; Middle East - Mr Philip Pick; North America - Mr Brian Graff

  9. Venue for the 1984 World Congress
    There were three offers to host the 1984 World Congress, the N.A.V.S. and the Vegetarian Information Service each offering a venue in the United States, and one offer for Israel. Delegates voted to accept the offer from the N.A.V.S. and hoped there would be active participation from all relevant groups.

  10. The International Vegetarian Symbol
    Suggestions for a different I.V.U. symbol were discussed but delegates voted to retain the present symbol.

  11. World Vegetarian Day
    Problems arising from the fact World Vegetarian Day and World Food Day are close together were discussed. It was resolved that a small group examine the problem and report to the International Council for action (see list of resolutions at the end of the minutes).

  12. I.V.U. Representation on World and Regional Bodies
    The General Secretary suggested the need to obtain representation of I.V.U. on various bodies to ensure the vegetarian interest is served. It was agreed that publicity should be given to the idea with a view to developing a panel of suitable persons whose names might be put forward.

  13. I.V.U. Future Policy
    No new initiatives were suggested.

  14. Resolutions
    In view of decisions made during the meetings, the following amendments to the constitution were agreed :-
    1. That "until the next World Congress" should be added to the end of Clause 7, vii)
    2. That Clause 9 ii) should be altered to read - "Each World Congress shall be organised in accordance with the constitution of I.V.U. and the next but one World Congress will be agreed during the current Congress."

    The following resolutions were approved and member societies were asked to take action where appropriate.

    1. The venue for the 1986 World Congress will be decided by the International Council at its 1983 meeting and in future World Congresses will determine the next but one venue for a World Congress.
    2. The annual subscription for individual members shall be 5 sterling.
    3. At World Congresses there will be no censorship of the materials or notices of any vegetarian or animal protection organisation, except if approved by the General Secretary of I.V.U.
    4. That the General Secretary appoint a committee to explore, at this Congress, combining celebration of the World Vegetarian, World Food and World Animal Days to report to the I.V.U. Council for action.
    5. That all societies who are members of I.V.U. make efforts to see that the World Food Day is celebrated in their countries with a strong vegetarian emphasis.
    6. That the Congress is marked, having taken place in Neu-Ulm, in a permanent way, such as the planting of a tree with a commemorative plaque, in a public open space with the blessing of the town authorities. This also marks the 60th anniversary of "Men of Trees" this month and the memory of Dr Richard St.Barbe Baker.
    7. That hotels, restaurants, canteens and school kitchens should offer meals without meat or fish every day as a number of people would like a vegetarian diet for reasons of conscience or health.
    8. That the professional training programme for cooks and kitchen helps should consider the preparation of dishes without meat or fish and, especially, of vegetarian whole-food diets, where this is not yet the case.

  15. Reports from Societies
    Reports were presented from the following societies:-

    • Australia
      • Vegetarian Society of South Australia - Mrs E.M.Fearnside
      • Vegan Society - Mr Fred Whittle
    • Austrian Vegetarian Society - Mr J.Fleischanderl
    • Danish Vegetarian Society - Mrs A.M.Nissen
    • Columbian Vegetarian Association - Melly Fernandez French
    • France - Centre Pour la Documentation at la Vie - Mr A.Gaillard
    • Germany
      • Bund fuer Lebenserneuerung eV. - Mr R.Meyer
      • Aktion D.D.R. Vegetarierfreunde - Mr G.Hartel
    • Ghana - Pan African Vegetarian Union - Dr O.A.Gyan
    • Italian Vegetarian Society - read
    • Israeli Vegetarian Society - Mr.A.Beharav
    • India
      • Vegetarian Congress - read
      • North India Vegetarian Union - read
    • Irish Vegetarian Society - Mr C.Fettes
    • Japanese Soto Institute & You-I Club International - read
    • Netherlands Vegetarian Society - Mrs W.Elkeboom-Broekman
    • New Zealand Vegetarian Society - read
    • Nigerian SOUL Vegetarian Society - Mr B.Arukwe
    • Polish Vegetarian Society - Dr K.Chomicz
    • Portuguese Vegetarian Society - Mrs J.Petersen
    • South African Vegetarian Society - Mr Colin Rood
    • Sweden - Vegetariska Foreningen - Mr Anders Kocken
    • United Kingdom
      • Friends Vegetarian Society - read
      • Jewish Vegetarian Society - read
      • Ulster Vegetarian Society - read
      • Vegan Society - Mrs Serena Coles
      • Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom - Mr John le Grice
    • U.S.A.
      • North American Vegetarian Society - Mrs Pat Takacs
      • Vegan Society - Mr Dick Stafursky
    • Venezuela - Hovinat - Dr German Alberti
    • Yugoslav Vegetarians - Mr Milan Maglaic

  16. Votes of Thanks
    The President expressed his thanks to all participants for attending and helping to make the Congress such a success. The grateful appreciation of all was expressed to the Bund fuer Lebenserneuerung eV. for organising the Congress. In particular he mentioned the efforts of Ingrid and Rudolf Meyer who had worked so hard to ensure the success of the Congress. He emphasised our particular gratitude to them.

  17. Any Other Business
    It was proposed and agreed that resolutions for consideration at a World Congress should be received by the General Secretary at least one month before each World Congress.

    The President thanked everyone for helping the successful completion of the business sessions and looked forward to meeting everyone again at the next World Congress.