International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
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25th World Vegetarian Congress 1979
Loughborough, England

Treasurer's Report


Dur to the unprecedented length of the Irish postal workers strike; the mis-sorting of letters for N.Ireland being mixed with Eire (held-back) mail in London particularly with foreign mail it has had a disastrous effect on I.V.U.'s audit albeit a temporary situation which no doubt can be largely rectified during the Congress. If not it means that the Special Fund set up to aid those having diffcult currency and personal problems to attend cannot be dispensed. Normally at least 3 needy official delegates are aided in recovering their registration fees to the level of 100 overall. Letters dispatched from England via Eire were taking 8 months or more to reach I.V.U.(H.Q.) and requests for subscriptions were delayed but have since been transmitted in full. Telecommunications were also disrupted by a long go-slow.

C.D.Fettes (Hon.Treasurer)