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25th World Vegetarian Congress 1979
Loughborough, England

Programme of Events

Programme of Events from 28th August to 8th September 1979
25th World Vegetarian Congress -LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY, U.K.

25th Aug.
20.00 Arrivals in afternoon & Registrations.

26th Aug.
06.45 Exercises/Meditation by Mr.Herriot-Hunter & His German counterpart etseq all through the Congress :- A valuable freshener pre-breakfast.
10.00 Talk on the Congress Programme lead by Mr.N.J.le Grice followed by piano recital by Brian Wright. ASSEMBLY HALL (A.H.)
11.30 Visits to Exhibition in (Sports Hall) held until end of 1st week, including I.V.U.display, health foods, V.S.U.K., B.W.C., Animal Welfare, bookstalls and Food & Cookery Section - designed by host society team.
14.30 Official Opening - Dep.Mayor of Loughborough & Mrs.Beryl Williams.
16.20 Talk by Sir George Trevelyan (Wrekin Trust) "Man's Role as Steward of Planet Earth".
20.00 Mandhari Sikh's night - H.H.Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji have peace message.

27th Aug.
09.30 I.V.U. Special Council Meeting, Members & Officials only.
Alternative "The Luddenden Village Experiment - by Mrs.P.Brown
11.30 Dr.M.Tada (President of the Japanese Vegetarian Union) gave a talk.
& Dr.M.M.Bhamgara spoke on "Relaxation and Meditation".
14.30 Scientific Council of I.V.U. had A.G.M. (open to all).
16.30 S.C.I.V.U. (continued discussions)
15.30 Display of bell-ringing at Loughborough Carillon, Quenn's Park.
20.00 Massage demonstration by Dr.H.Ohnishi, Tatsua Tada, R.Lizuka

28th Aug.
09.30 - 13.00 I.V.U. International Council Meetings Rm. J 130
09.30 Alternative:- Namdhari Sikhs Meeting in Assembly Hall.
11.30 Dr.Gunter Baumbash - "European Youth for Healthy Living"
14.30 Prof.H.M.Sinclair - "Nutrition" Lecture in Assembly Hall
16.00 Dr.Richard St.Barbe Baker slide lecture / film on Californian Redwoods
16.30 Peter Burwash speaks on "Vegetarian Athletics"
20.00 Entertainment by Nottingham Vegetarian Society incl. dancing. A.H.
Alternative "Esperanto" workshop by Christopher Fettes Rm.J.001T

29th Aug.
09.30 -13.00 I.V.U. General Meeting in Assembly Hall (all invited)
14.30 Peter Burwash - International Tennis team display - at Field Hall.
16.30 Jack Sanderson "Vegan transformation" - a remarkable film show.
20.00 Entertainment by "European Youth for Healthy Living".

30th Aug
09.30 Prof.W.Brockhaus "Ethical Justification for Vegetarianism".
11.30 Dr.H.Pellnat "Nutrition as a Social Factor".
14.30 John Telford on "Soya in Human Nutrition".
16.30 I.V.U. National Society Reports
20.00 Entertainment by German vegetarians, songs, dancing, sketches

31st Aug.
09.30 Mr C.D.Fettes £European Vegetarian Region and future progress.
Mr.P.L.Pick "Future trends in I.V.U."
11.30 Continuation of I.V.U.National Society Reports
14.30 Peter Roberts (head of C.I.W.F.) on "Factory Farming" (of animals)
16.30 Panel of Speakers on "Vegetarian Children" :- Prof.J.W.T.Dickerson; Mrs.M.C.Gunn-King; Dr.Bartara Latto; Dr.Alan Long; Dr.Alan Stoddard; Dr.E.Begeida
20.00 Entertainment by U.K. Young Indians

1st Sept
09.30 Mr.Conrad Latto (consultant hospital surgeon) "The Fibre Brigade in Action".
11.30 Dr.A.Long "Grach Plan Updated" for V.S.U.K.
14.30 V.S.U.K. Annual General Meeting
Alternative "Beauty Without Cruelty" Fashion Show in A.H.
16.30 V.S.U.K. - A.G.M. continued also Vegetarian Children's Charity.
19.00 Celebration Dinner/Dance at Commodore International Centre in Nottingham with the Lord & lady Mayoress present.

N.B. Mr Gunn-King & Mr.H.J.Dinshah compared the rest of the events:-

2nd Sept.
09.30 V.S.U.K. Research Section A.G.M.
11.30 V.S.U.K. reports continued making fascinating listening scientifically and medically.
14.30 Dr.G.J. Baerenta ( dental surgeon and photographer) on "Partners with Nature".
16.30 Herr C.Haubmann "Smoking % Its Dangers to health" (slides)
17.30 Dr.M.Sian "Bile Acids in Vegetarians".
18.00 Dr.Judith Hampson - "Animal Experiments"
20.00 Prof.T.Magalli "Vegetarianism & Positive Dynamic Thinking".
20.45 B.J.Gunn-King "1977 Congress slides of India".

3rd Sept
09.15 All-day tour to STRATFORD-UPON-AVON
09.30 Discussion group "Vegetarianism & Ethics".
11.30 Mr.H.J.Dinshah "What one person can do for Vegetarianism"
14.30 half-day tour to COVENTRY CITY
Alternative - Mr.Anthony Bates on "A New Cosmology" (slides)
16.30 Stella Katz on "The Biorhythm of the Liver".
17.30 Prof.W.Brockhaus "Vegetarianism and Ethics"
20.00 Mr.Stewart Laurie on "De-inking Paper" slide & film (Reed Papers)
21.00 Mr.Fleischanderl & Mr.Gunn-King :- Congress Slides

4th Sep.
09.15 All-day tour to LONDON
Alternative Walk-around LOUGHBOROUGH (No.1) led by Mr.B.Karkinson
09.30 Lecture on "Mound Civilisation (Hugelkultur) By Herr R.Meyer.
11.30 Discussions on Union Nationale des Vegetariennes by M.P.Trouve
14.30 film "Living the Good Life" by Prof. Scott & Helen Nearing U.S.A
16.30 B.J.Gunn-King on "Veganic Garden in N.Ireland - progress
20.00 Mr.K.D.O'Brien on "Veganic Agriculture in England".

5th Sep.
09.30 Walks around Loughborough (No.2)
Alternative:- Mrs W.M.Eikeboom-Broekman on "Starting Points & Background of Vegetarianism"
11.30 half-day tour of Belvoir Castle - Leicestershire
14.30 Discussion on "Why there are problems in Vegetarianism in France" M.Mme.Galliard
16.30 Visit to Namdhari Sikhs Centre in BIRMINGHAM for Mamdhar Langar

6th Sep.
09.15 All-day tour to LONDON / half-day tour to Warwick Castle/Stratford.
09.30 Film on "Open Door" veganism from T.V. for Vegan Society.
11.30 Discussion group on "Natural Healing".
13.30 Walks around LOUGHBOROUGH (3)
16.30 Magic and music entertainment for Congress participants by Mr Cyril Cordey and colleague.
20.00 Mr K.R.Sidwa (Naturopath) "A Vegetarian approach to the Sickness of the World".

7th Sep.
09.15 All-day tour - OXFORD & Blenheim Palace /Walk around Loughborough (4)
11.30 Discussion group - slides of 1967 Indian Congress by B.J.Gunn-King
13.00 Visit to Ladybird book-printing factory
Alternative:- walks to Asian Vegetable garden on Univ.Campus.
14.30 half-day tour of Derbyshire
Alternative:- Ms Wendy Blair "Alternative Foods Experiment" on Asian Vegetable Garden.
15.30 Walk to Asian vegetable garden
20.00 Dr.J.C.McVeigh - expert on Solar energy
21.15 2nd run of "Open Door"film.

8th Sep.
06.45 Exercises / Meditation - final day
09.30 Shopping in Loughborough and Nottingham
20.00 Farewell Dance in dining room annexe

This Congress was the most friendly I have attended recently due to the campus atmosphere and many shared discussion groups, walks and tours. It was very-well managed in difficult financial atmosphere of rising prices and all credit goes to the host society and organisers. Events were reported on regional T.V., Radio and in the newspapers.

B.J.Gunn-King (Acting General Secretary, March 1980)