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25th World Vegetarian Congress 1979
Loughborough, England

The central stand of the exhibition showing the IVU symbol suspended over a model of the world, The stand was decorated with flags of the various nations and round the base was a display of vegetarian publications from all over the world, Photo: G. I. Baerents.


Maxwell Lee who will be taking over as Secretary of the IVU on the retirement of Brian Gunn-King. Maxwell is a very active member of the VSUK having been the Chairman of the Publications Sub-committee for 8 years, and a Council Member for most of that time. He often organises speakers' courses and naturally takes a great interest in the magazine! He is a senior lecturer in Geography & Environmental Studies at Manchester Polytech. Photo: VSUK staff.


The youngest vegan delegate? David Mellick enjoying the sunshine on the lawn outside the Edward Herbert Building, Photo: VSUK staff.


Mohinder Singh Sian who gave a lecture about the [Namdhari] Sikhs and their diet, with his little boy. (Photo: VSUK Staff).


Hidenori Ohnishi, MB of the Japanese delegation. deputising for Dr. Tada. Photo: G. J. Baerents.


Jay Dinshah of the American Vegan Society and Surendra Mehta of the Indian Vegetarian Congress, together in the lounge between lectures.


Mrs Beryl Williams, Chairman of [VSUK] Council, photographed at the IVU Congress, Loughborough.

General view of the Exhibition Hall. The VSUK stand is in the centre, with literature for sale on the near side. Beauty Withour Cruelty products on the far side. Photo: G. I. Baerents.

In the lecture hall. You can see members of the Japanese delegation in the foreground. Note the portable handsets used for translation purposes. Like transistor radios you can tune-in to a separate channel for each language. Photo: G. J. Baerents.

The student village which provided accommodation for delegates and visitors to the Congress. Photo: VSUK staff.

The beautiful centuries-old cedar tree that stood at the heart of the campus. Drawing: Thomas Pitfield.

A display of the beautiful fans and other craft objects brought along by the Japanese delegation, These were later given away to members of the audience chosen by lot. Photo: J. Baerents.

[left] The splendid trophy provided by the Indian Vegetarian Congress in memory of Mr. Jay Mankar who so sadly passed away just before the last World Congress in India 1977. The trophy is made from ivory (taken from an elephant that died naturally) and is in the form of a revolving lamp, symbolising vegetarianism 'lighting the way'. It will be presented to the individual or the Society which has done the most towards promoting the vegetarian movement in the period between congresses. The Indians also distributed fragrant sachets of sandelwood to everyone at the Congress in memory of Mr. Mankar. Photo: G. J. Baerents.
[right] Brian Gunn-King, the retiring Secretary of the IVU receiving the trophy from Surendra Mehta of the Indian Vegetarian Congress. Photo: VSUK staff.

The celebration dinner at the Commodore. Left to right: Barbara Latto, The Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Gordon Latto (President VSUK & IVU), the Lady Mayoress.

Amarjeet Bhamra, recently elected Honorary Assistant General Secretary to the IVU.

Amarjeet-Singh Bhamra, who shares the task of regional [VSUK Youth Section] Organiser for Maidenhead & Berks with his brother Jaswinder, was elected Honorary Assistant Secretary of the IVU at the Loughborough Congress. Amarjeet sends a message of goodwill to all who are involved with the vegetarian movement, expressing his pleasure at being able to serve on the IVU Council and to help with the work of spreading vegetarianism. Amarjeet believes that vegetarianism must be at the basis of a new society created on spritual and humane values.

Amarjeet is a very active member of the Youth Section as those who were present at the Youth Camp will certainly remember.