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25th World Vegetarian Congress 1979
Loughborough, England
North Americans at the Congress

Some of the notable speakers who will be attending include . . . Mr Leonard Lasky - USA,

Peter Burwash International
Peter Burwash.
Photo: VSUK Staff.
COMING into contact with the Peter Burwash team is a bit like an encounter with a whirlwind - a very sunny and pleasant whirlwind - but still they leave you with an overwhelming impression of speed, energy and enthusiasm. Once again the entry in the programme, tennis demonstration, gave no of what was really going to happen. A confirmed tennis-hater since my days in the sixth form when, horror of horrors, they actually took us away from our interesting lessons forced us to watch TV during Wimbledon Week, I trotted along to the campus sports centre with my notebook tucked dutifully under my arm, expecting at best, an hour's boredom.

How mistaken can you be? In less than five minutes I was laughing and applauding as heartily as the rest. It's not so much a tennis demonstration as a road show, performed at high speed. A lot of it was good teaching material of course and the tennis players in the audience must have learned many useful tips, but it was spiced with humour that appealed to even the most hardened 'tennis-phobe' like myself. Peter Burwashs impressions of how Sunday afternoon players mistakenly tackle various shots were hilarious - yet never unkind. He is always full of
encouragement for even the most tentative player and his aim is not just to coach those in the tournament league, but to show ordinary people that tennis can be an enjoyable means of keeping fit. The demonstrations to music were as aesthetically pleasing as formation dancing, but also served a useful purpose as lessons in footwork and handling the racquet. Mr Barry Wax and Dr. Gordon Latto gallantly volunteered their services as pupils for a demonstration lesson that left me, a mere spectator, feeling breathless. It was difficult to believe that the team would be giving a similar demonstration in Los Angeles only 24 hours later.

But there is another side to the tennis show. Peter Burwash is a vegetarian himself, as are most of his team. None of them smoke, drink take drugs. In his introductory talk, Peter Burwash spoke of the difficulties of promoting vegetarianism in the United States. The meat industry controls television and a lot of the other publicity channels as well, so it is hard to put emphasis on the compassionate aspect of vegetarianism. Peter Burwash is trying to educate people about vegetarianism through his tennis show by appealing to their interest in health and sports prowess. Before he became a vegetarian, he took part in a Canadian testing programme for sportsmen and came out at about 50. After just one year on a vegetarian diet, he reached the top of this fitness index. He finds it particularly affects one's power of endurance - vegetarians have always done well in longer races such as the mile. Weight-lifters find they are stronger on a vegetarian diet and the best meal for them to eat before an event is pasta.

Peter Burwash believes we should all take the trouble to be a good advertisement for vegetarianism, as other people take notice of external things; how you look, how you dress, how you talk. 'Enthusiasm is contagious', he proclaims, look healthy and happy, talk with enthusiasm, don't isolate yourself but mix with non-vegetarians and keep informed so you can discuss your way of life on many different levels. He is certainly a wonderful advertisement for vegetarianism himself, and positively radiates enthusiasm and aliveness!

photo right: Jay Dinshah, USA (left) with Surendra Mehta of India

from the program:
Peter Burwash speaks on "Vegetarian Athletics"
Peter Burwash - International Tennis team display - at Field Hall.
N.B. Mr Gunn-King & Mr.H.J.Dinshah compered the rest of the events:-
Mr.H.J.Dinshah "What one person can do for Vegetarianism"
film "Living the Good Life" by Prof. Scott & Helen Nearing U.S.A

from the agenda of the General Meeting:
The following officers are eligible for re-election unless otherwise stated
Executive Vice Presidents: . . . Mr.H.J.Dinshah (U.S.A.); . . . Prof. Scott Nearing (U.S.A.)
Honorary Vice-Presidents: Miss R.Playle (Canada); . . . Mr.S.H.Linnio (U.S.A.);
Hon.Fellows (not for election) Past President for I.V.U. Woodland Kahler (USA)
Honorary Secretaries:- (not for election by Congress but by Council)
Hon.Reg.Sec. for N.America: Mr.Brian Graff (U.S.A.)

CONGRESS VENUE: Both Montreal and Hamburg have been put forward so far for 1981

from the minutes of the General Meeting:
HONORARY FELLOWS (not for re-election), Woodland Kahler (U.S.A.)
Elected:- . . . Prof.Scott Nearing (U.S.A.); former Exec. V-P)

HON.Vice-Presidents: Miss R.Playle (Canada); S.H. Linnio (U.S.A.);

Regional and National Society reports were read out at two following sessions of the Congress from 30th Aug. 1979:-
North America - Mr.H.J.Dinshah

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ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Social Science Inst. (U.S.A.)
Donations for 1977: Friends of Nature, U.S.A. £1.54

NORTH AMERICAN VEGETARIAN SOCIETY - Affiliated Groups - March 1979
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    Fairfield County Veg.Soc., Wilton, Connecticut

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    Vegetarian Educational Growth Society, Cleveland, Ohio
    Michigan Vegetarian Society, Detroit, Michigan
    Veg.Society of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Minnesota Vegetarian Assn. Minneapolis, Minnesota
    SO, Suburban Veg. Community, Illinois
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    Texas Vegetarian Information Service, San Antonio, Texas
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    Waimea Vegetarian Information Service, Hawaii
    Vegetarian Soc. of Portland, Oregon
    Seattle Vegetarian Society, Washington