International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
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24th World Vegetarian Congress 1977
Delhi/Bombay/Calcutta/Madras, India

Treasurer's Report

The Auditors Messrs. H.H.Brandon Hodge of Ballymena N.Ireland, have completed their biennial audit to the end of March 1977 and their fee will be about 75 for the two years. It would be more useful to members to have this done yearly but obviously the fees will be somewhat higher. It is recommended that the auditors are re-appointed on this basis for a further 2 years.

Financially, despite inflation, income has held steady with a larger profit and I.V.U. has gained from leaving the deposit account in the bank and trying to reduce the current account to the minimum. The office furniture has needed little expansion this year except for a swivel chair and due to the generous donation from Prof.Scott Nearing and his wife, a new bookcase which will accommodate the growing library for the next 2 years. Sundry debtors have been cut down to about 64 now which compares well with 88 at the last Congress. It would help I.V.U. a lot if all Affiliates and Associates could pay their dues automatically in the first quarter of each year as some interest is lost and extra postage incurred in reminders. Despite the good position on paper some equipment may have to be replaced by the next Congress and more office help is needed. With the rise in postage costs and stationery it is suggested to the Congress that minimum fees for Affiliates should rise from 3 to 4 per annum and Associates from 5.50 to 6.00 the even figures will help the treasurer to avoid chasing odd balances. The payment of some fees to Regional organisations completely without a follow-through fee is draining away from H.Q. finances and this will be serious when Europe establishes a regular regional office. There needs to be some mechanism for an automatic transfer of a fixed fee by aubvetion.

It would help on the printing side, if Regional Secretaries passed on written matter from IVU in their magazines to their own Affiliates as there are a rising costs and labour shortage for H.Q. to do it all on present rates. A much faster photocopying machine is needed but there is too big a financial jump between models to get the right medium sized machine at present in 500-1,000 range? It is hoped as suitable one would come on the market in the near future as a replacement. The advance quarterly "salary expenses" payment to the General Secretary needs to be raised from 25 - 35 to cope with inflation.

signed C.D.Fettes (Hon.Treasurer - I.V.U.)