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24th World Vegetarian Congress 1977
Delhi/Bombay/Calcutta/Madras, India

Resolutions the General Meeting

Resolution at 24TH World Vegetarian Congress - New Delhi - General meeting of International Vegetarian Congress on Tuesday 22rd Nov. 1977

1. That the minimum membership fee for affiliation by Societies to I.V.U. be raised from 3 to 4 sterling per annum from 1st January 1978 where this sum is greater than 2% of the subscription income of the society concerned.

2. That the annual fee for Associates be raised from 5.00 to 6 per annum from 1st January 1978.

3. That the Honorary General Secretary's quarterly advance payment to meet sundry office expenses be raised from 25 to 35.

4. This congress urges that all steps should be taken to publicise the fact that cheese in India is commercially made using animal rennet from the slaughterhouse and hence is non-vegetarian. the development and utilisation of alternative vegetable setting agent is to be encouraged.

5. The Congress urges the Government of India to investigate, undertake research and educate the Public to the many benefits of a vegetarian natural diet
a. from the standpoint of better health
b. the more efficient use of natural resources of land, water, fuel etc.
c. ecological and economic considerations on a scientific and nutritional basis
d. from the ethical and moral considerations
e. to draw the attention of the Public to the great loss of nutrients in the refining and devitalizing of foodstuffs.

6. This Congress urges the Government of India to reconsider the question of smallpox vaccinations as Mahatma Gandhi was against all vaccinations. As India has been declared "smallpox-free" country by V.H.O. and is fortunate in having a true Gandhian vegetarian Prime Minister in Shri Morarji Dosai, it is opportune and impracticable to submit to vaccinations and to be true vegetarians at the same time.

7. This Congress urges that makers of all commercially produced and packaged foodstuffs be legally required to label on them all ingredients in plain language.

8. This Congress urges that the I.V.U. through its Regions, proclaims an annual "World Vegetarian Day" to be observed by vegetarians around the entire World as close to the 1st October as practicable according to local action.

9. This Congress approves the establishment and implementation of an official I.V.U.newspaper "INTERNATIONAL VEGETARIAN" to be published and distributed at least annually by the North American Vegetarian Society in conjunction with its present magazine "Vegetarian Voice".

10. This Congress requests the Government of India to ensure that in all I.T.D.C. hotels and other hotels with which the Government of India connected at least one exclusively vegetarian restaurant with separate kitchen be provided, all over India.

11. It is approved that the Shri J.N.Mankar Memorial Fund be established to be administered by the India and Eastern region of the International Vegetarian Union. The proceeds from which are to be used for sending speakers worldwide to promote vegetarianism.