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24th World Vegetarian Congress 1977
Delhi/Bombay/Calcutta/Madras, India

Hon.General Secretary's Report

Hon.General Secretary's Report - 24th World Vegetarian Congress - New Delhi, India 1977

1. The 23rd World Vegetarian Congress at Maine University, Orono, Maine USA, from 16th-28th August 1975 was a great success with some 1,400 (plus) participants meeting for simultaneous lectures and events in up to 26 halls by over 100 speakers giving 120 items, events, etc. which had several parts or repeats as required in the form of lectures, discussions, workshops, seminars and films, sports and music. Tape recordings and the magazine "Vegetarian Voice" (Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. 1975 edition) at $1.50 give a good pictorial record of the Congress and is available from the office of the North American Vegetarian Society, subsequent editions of "Vegetarian Voice" and "Ahimsa" magazines carry full features on such subjects:-

Young Vegetarians, Scientific Vegetarian Nutrition, Natural Health, Vegetarian Homesteading, Natural Childbirth and Feeding, Vegetarian and Vegan Cookery, Ethical and Moral Aspects of Vegetarianism, Decentralisation, Exercise, Natural Gardening, Japanese Vegetarian Cookery, Ecology and Conservation, Emotional and Mental Stability, Animal Welfare, Beauty, World Hunger, Fasting Comparative Anatomy, Raw Food and Sprouting, Diseases of Civilisation, pets, Eye-care, Breathing.

There were excellent feeding arrangements made by University Conference Director; and vegetarians, vegans and Natural Hygienists were well catered for by a buffet service. Recreation included tennis, running, swimming, walking , yoga and visiting the special exhibition in the main gymnasium. there was a feast of music and some dancing at night with spectacular "Funeral for Famine" event covered by the 3 main national T.V. networks. Press interviews and radio phone-ins took place also. There has been a large follow up of queries from N.American universities. students and organisations over the last 2 years for information from I.V.U. The North American Vegetarian Society now has about 65 affiliated groups and societies in N.America and Hawaii. The VegFam organisation benefitted from the generous donations collected to feed the hungry during "fats" day.

The North American Region had a Congress from 7th-15th August 1976 at Ithaca College, New York State and a second from 26th July-30th, 1977 at ARCATA, California - both well attended.

2. In the Latin American Region the 3rd Congress was held at Santiago, Chile from 5th-11th April 1976 with countries represented officially and unofficially. The 4th Congress is being hosted by Mexico from 24th Sept. - 1st October 1978.

Very little has taken place in the Middle Eastern Region due to conflict. The Australasian Region will be represented by 2 delegates to this Congress. The African Region is keeping close contact in 3 countries but conditions militate presently against a Regional Congress there.

In Europe attempts were made twice this year to hold an international Council Meeting combined with a Regional Committee but air strikes twice caused cancellation of a mid-European location. It is hoped that this can be rectified next year as the E.E.C. and E.F.T.A. are strengthening economic and social ties.

3. The Congress expresses its deep and sincere regrets on the passing over of our following colleagues:- Shri J.N.Mankar Hon.Vice President and Hon.Regional Secretary for India and The East - I.V.U. earlier this month. he was a "moving spirit" in the last three World Vegetarian Congresses in India in 1957, 1967 and now will have this Congress as his memorial as I am sure he would have wished it to continue.

Prof.Henry Bailey Stevens (Hon.Vice President I.V.U. (U.S.A.) whose works "paradiso" was performed at the 23rd World Congress in the U.S.A. in 1975. Dr.Otto Robinsohn (Israel) Hon.Vice President I.V.U.) who attended many Congresses as lecturer and official delegate. Dr.Jesse mercer Gehman, former Hon.reg.Sec. for The Americas and sec. of the former American Vegetarian Union; Mr. Niels Nielsen (Hon.Vice President I.V.U.) (Norway) often official delegate for the Danish Veg.Soc. and well-known tennis player until late in life; Herr Josef Pedersen of Sweden (Hon.Vice President of I.V.U.)

Please join with me in a period of silence to mark our esteem for them all.

4. The venue for the 25th World Vegetarian Congress in 1979 has been put forward as VSUK by Mr John le Grice, Japan by Dr.Tada and Canada (Vancouver) by Dr.D.Phillips so far.

5. The I.V.U. (H.Q.) in N.Ireland has a regular vegetarian Montessori Day School now; and Hatha Yoga on 2 evenings a week; The Veganic gardens are now doubled in size and there have been 5 Open Days since the last Congress with lectures and vegetarian cookery courses. Both myself and my wife are much in demand for external lectures to religious organisations, women's guilds, farming clubs and on radio phone-in programmes on I.V.U.

signed: Brian J.Gunn-King
[in fact signed by Gordon Latto, President 23.11.77