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24th World Vegetarian Congress 1977
Delhi/Bombay/Calcutta/Madras, India

The following were quoted in The Extended Circle by Jon Wynne-Tyson, 1985:

Jayantilal N.Mankar 1895-1977
Since all life is considered sacred, exploiting, killing and torturing animals is morally wrong and spiritually suicidal. Man as a superior being in evolution, endowed with powers of discriminating between right and wrong and conscious of his rights and responsibilities, is expected to do what is morally and spiritually right. It is in this respect that a highly evolved man differs from the less evolved lower animals. Man devoid of Dharma is nothing short of an animal. To be violent, to fight, to injure or kill animals for food, fashion, sports and science, or in the name of religion, are acts prompted by the instinct-guided behaviour of the animal, as were the acts of primitive man who was virtually an animal by his habits of life. But as man became more evolved, primitive man became more civilized and developed qualities of love, compassion and an instinctive urge for mutual aid. Man with these newly cultivated qualities developed a sense of humanity which created in him an awareness of humanism - i.e., the state of his being human - and he felt inclined to adopt a humane and natural way of life. The great Hindu law-giver Shri Manu has aptly said that "Man is not a man merely by being born as man. He has to be Man by leading a humane life. The extent of adoption of vegetarianism is an index of humanistic evolution of man. The vegetarian way of life is a culture medium of humanism and leads to psychological and spiritual evolution and higher ideals of life."
- The Vegetarian Way, 24th World Vegetarian Congress, 1977
(the above must have been from a written introduction to the Congress, Jay Mankar was the main organiser but died shortly before the Congress took place).

Gordon Latto (1911-1998)
In a lunch session in a slaughterhouse, a lamb jumped out of its pen and came unnoticed up to some slaughtermen who were sitting in a circle eating their sandwiches; the lamb approached and nibbled a small piece of lettuce that a man was holding in his hand. The men gave the lamb some more lettuce and when the lunch period was over they were so affected by the action of the lamb that not one of them was prepared to kill this creature, and it had to be sent away elsewhere - showing that within each human soul there is an element of pity, compassion and love in varying degrees. It is our duty to encourage the higher qualities in each individual to bloom and blossom wherever possible.
If Britain adopted a vegetarian way of life, many of her problems would recede and dissolve . . . If this way of living were adopted, a great deal of cruelty would cease; cornpassion, pity and consideration for others would grow and there would be happier and healthier conditions in the world and on this island. It is change not of legislation that is wanted, but a change of heart of the peoples.
- The Vegetarian Way, 24th World Vegetarian Congress, 1977
(Gordon Latto was President of IVU at the time of the Congress)

H.Jay Dinshah (1933-2000)
Mankind cannot, I submit, save itself from destruction through mere cleverness of scientific technology selfishly applied, nor through wishful thinking. But through a deep sense of brotherhood of all life, and a willingness and eagerness on the part of each and every person to work constructively for the preservation and enhancement of life, mankind may yet be preserved and go forward into the next millennium with confidence, competence and compassion.
- The Vegetarian Way, XXIV World Vegetarian Congress, 1977
(H.Jay Dinshah was President of the American Vegan Society and priciple organiser of the previous World Vegetarian Congress in Maine, 1975)

Kavi Yogi Maharishi Shuddhananda Bharat, 1919-
From grass to Godmen all are equal souls sensitive to joy and grief. A plant fades in the hot sun and smiles in the cool breezy evening. It cheers up when watered well. It weeps when the bud is violently plucked. Animals have five senses and man six senses. The intelligent mental man must treat plants and animals with tender love and compassion. Man as the most evolved soul, as the paragon of living beings, is obliged to practise non-violence in thought, word and deed. Soft mercy marks the human from thc beast. The lion and tiger are carnivorous by instinct. Man is not a human tiger. The man who kills screaming life for food is dead to mercy and compassion. The cow and goat give milk. The oxen draw carts and plough fields. The horse carries man. The faithless man whips and rips them and gluts his stomach with their flesh. A cut animal is dead; its flesh stinks. Man eats it and makes his stomach the graveyard for poor dumb creatures. Nature gives man clean sweet vegetables; but unrefined man cuts the throat of crying animals and gluts his stomach. His heart becomes hard and the hand that cuts animals cuts tomorrow the throats of brother men in the battlefield. If war must stop in the world, blood-soaked food must stop and men must become vegetarians.
- The Vegetarian Way, XXIV World Vegetarian Congress, 1977

Swami Chidananda, 1916-
The Yoga Science has classified all things into Purifying, Agitating and Stupefying in their ultimate effect upon human faculties. Satvaguna is Purifying, Rajas is Agitating, and Tamas is Stupefying. The food that human beings consume is also subject to this classification. Meat diet falls under the Tamasic and Rajasic category. It is inimical to the upward evolutionary ascent of the human nature. Vegetarian food has been advocated by Yoga Science as purifying and beneficial.
The essential Reality within man is an Eternal, indestructible Spiritual Principle which is Divine in essence. The true goal of hurnan life and the destiny of man is the awakening of the unfoldment of the inner Spiritual essence and experience of Divine Illumination. Animal food is the product of slaughtering. It is unspiritual and therefore deprives man of the attainment of Spiritual destiny, namely Divine Perfection. Compassion is Divine. Cruelty is unspiritual. The human body, which is the moving temple of the Living God enshrined, is not meant to be made into the fleshy graveyard of slaughtered animals, creatures that are the dumb, harmless and innocent brethren of mankind mutely trusting man, their 'superior' keeper.
- The Vegetarian Way, 24th World Vegetarian Congress, 1977