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24th World Vegetarian Congress 1977
Delhi/Bombay/Calcutta/Madras, India

Agenda of the General Meeting

24TH World Vegetarian Congress of the International Vegetarian Union at New Delhi, India from 18th Nov to 23rd Nov. 1977

Tuesday 22nd November 10.15 - 13.00

Member Society progress Reports and Regional Reports will be read out by a delegate from each affiliated society or failing that by the Hon.General Secretary if a report is at hand. Associate Societies and non-affiliated countries may be asked to give a brief 3 minute outline of vegetarianism in their country if time permits.

Congress participants are also welcome to sit in at the I.V.U. General Meeting but should leave the first 7 rows of seats, counting from the platform, free for officially nominated voting delegates and should not vote themselves. Official Delegates names must be handed in to the Hon.General Secretary, (if not already done so) on headed notepaper and must be in quota with the I.V.U. constitution. Some voting delegates may represent more than one affiliated society but should make this clear at the outset.


1. Welcome from Chairman and reading of greeting.
2. Apologies for absence.
3. Minutes of the previous General Meeting in Maine USA, 1975.
4. Matters arising from above Minutes
5. General Secretary's and Hon. Treasurers Reports and Regional Secretaries and Treasurer's reports. 6. Election of Officers.
7.Resolution e.g. amendments to the I.V.U. Constitution
8.Venue for the next 25th World Vegetarian Congress

The following officers are eligible for re-election unless otherwise stated:-

President: Dr.Gorgon Latto (U.K.)
Deputy President:- Herr Geo Hiller (W.Germany)

Members of the International Council of IVU:
Executive Vice Presidents (4):- Lic German Alberti V. (Venezuela); Mr H.J.Dinshah (U.S.A.); Dipl.Ing.J.Fleischanderl (Austria); Prof.Scott Nearing (U.S.A.)

Mr W.M.Capper Asst.Hon.Treasurer (N.Ireland); Mrs W.M.Eikeboom-Broekman (Netherlands); Mr C.D.Fettes - Hon.Treasurer (Eire); Miss H.Nixon (UK); Mrs L.Raaf (Lebanon); Mr L.H.van Loon (S.Africa); Miss I Watson (UK).Prof.M.J.Londono (Columbia); Rafael Lazeta (Chile)

Hon. Vice Presidents:-
Australia - Mr C.D.Harding; Canada - Miss R.E.Playle; Germany - Dr.C.A.Skriver; India - Smt.R.Devi Arundale, Smt.M.D.Malemgamvala, Shri S.M.Mehta, Shri V.H.Dalmia, Shri M.Somani, H.H.Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji; Israel - Mr.Alex Hary, Japan - Dr M.Tada; Netherlands - Dr C.Sypkens; New Zealand - Mr G.Hodson; Portugal - Prof.A.M.G. da Costa Cabral; Prof Cervera Cebolla; Sweden Herr G.Hadfors, Switzerland - Dr. rer oec R.Bircher; U.K. - Mr J.N.le Grice; Mr.P.L.Pick; U.S.A. - Dip.Ing.S.H.Linnio, Italy - Dr.Ferdinando Delor; Sri Lanka - Dr.Jaysuria; Spain - Mr.Enrique Bueno

Hon.Secretaries (not for re-election):
Hon.General Secretary - I.V.U. (H.Q.) - Mr.B.J.Gunn-King (Ireland)
Hon.Reg.Secretary for Latin America - Dr.Becerra Limas (Mexico)
Hon.Reg.Sec. for India & The East:- S.M.Mehta & Dr Bhamgara (India)
Hon.Reg.Secretary for N.America:- Mr.Brian Graff (New Jersey-U.S.A.)
Hon.Gen.Sec. for Africa:- Mr.E.P.Morkel (Cape town-S.Africa)