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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

from Vegetarian Voice Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec 1975:
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"GET A HEARSE!" - To survive in a supply-&-demand marketplace, it is well to utilize what others avoid. Trucks in our (well under $1000) price range are generally elderly and rather beaten to death. But an old funeral coach (few miles, 1-owner, excellent condition and care, and nobody wants one) makes a fine van, roughly equivalent in cubic and weight capacity to a 3/4-ton panel truck, but with some unusual features. Low center of gravity, auto-type ride and handling ease, low noise-level, built-in casket rollers for fork-lift loading of magazine pallets - these are a few additional advantages over a conventional truck. Being naturally conservation-minded as well as necessarily tight-fisted in such matters. we were aprehensive about potential gas mileage. But on the first Maine trip in a "re-cycled Cadillac" we had a 3/4 ton payload, mostly literature for storage until Congress time. Despite diplodocus sized engine, the brute was no thirstier than the old Chevy truck. That did it! Now we realized the full success of this odd venture.

We soon found another, with windows all around like a jumbo station wagon. This was easily converted to a 12-pssenger bus, for a matched pair: "His & Hearse". These behemoths did yeoman service as the heavy-duty backbone of the Congress motor pool, ferrying passengers by the dozen - and mountains of their luggage - from registration area to dorms, from campus to bus depot, etc. Smaller vehicles served to carry lighter loads. Full-time volunteers Curtis and Randal Blank did a remarkably fine job of co-ordinating auto transport.

SPECIAL SERVICE - Thanks are due to Gordon Clapp Travel Service, of Bangor, for the able and unstinting manner in which they worked for the success of the Congress, with charter bus arrangements, individual tickets, guided tours, etc. These were often handled on a no-profit basis, sometimes at a loss (as with the partly-filled charter buses from the airport).