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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

commentary by Richard Schwartz from his 'Brief History of Vegetarianism in the USA':

In the mid 1970`s the vegetarian movement [in the USA] was only a pale shadow of what it is today; tremendous changes have occurred since that time. In 1975, the bi-annual World Vegetarian Congress was held in Orono, Maine. It proved to be a turning point, because for the first time in the United States, almost 1500 vegetarians got together and began to form alliances.

At the conference at Orono, Victoria Moran, a vegetarian since 1969 and a contributor of articles to publications such as Well Being and Vegetarian World, met Paul Obis, who asked her to write for Vegetarian Times. Since then Ms. Moran has been contributing articles to that publication and other vegetarian and animal rights publications. Later she became a vegan, and wrote a comprehensive book on veganism, Compassion - The Ultimate Ethic (1985) She frequently speaks on various aspects of this diet, and she recently wrote The Love Powered Diet - When Willpower Isn`t Enough (1992) to show people how to move toward a healthier way of eating.