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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA


The photos on this page are from a collection of papers found in 2007, in the cellar of the Vegetarian Society UK.

Captions are from the notes on the back of each picture. Click on images for bigger photos.




Mr. H. J. Dinshah, :- Executive Vice-President (I.V.U.), President - North American Vegetarian Society; President - The American Vegan Society.

(left to right) Mr. B. J. Gunn-King (Hon. Gen. Sec.); Mr. Dick Gregory (guest speaker, veg. athlete, author & comedian); Mr. H. J. Dinshah (President - N. American Vegetarian Society, & Exec. Vice-President I.V.U.). At Hauck Auditorium on 27th Aug. 1975.
Handing over a cheque for $754 dollars to relieve famine in vegetarian communities affected by natural catastrophies. Collected from fast by some 480 Congress participants.

Dr. M. Tada, Hon. Vice President I.V.U.; Directori of the Soto Institute (Japan), speaking on "Vegetarianism & Japanese Philosophy", 18th August, 1975.

Woodland Kahler (Past President - I.V.U. and now Honorary Fellow)
Speaking at the Plenary Session in the Main Gymnasium.

Platform Group after I.V.U. Member Society Reports, 10.15 a.m. 20th Aug. 1975
including from left to right: Vegetarian Sikhs; centre Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale (Madras) Hon. Vice-President I.V.U.; Dr. Gordon Latto (President I.V.U.); B. J. Gunn-King (Hon. Gen. Sec. I.V.U.); Shri J. N. Mankar (Hon. Reg. Sec. for India & The East amd Hon. Vice-President I.V.U.

Margaret Gunn-King (voting delegate for Ulster Vegetarian Society & The Vegan Society) with Venetia at the Main Gymnasium Plenary session, 22.8.1975
Joint lectures on 'Rearing of Vegan Children'