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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

from Vegetarian Voice, Vol.1, No.6, (Nov/Dec)1974:

Many Nations To Be Represented

ORONO, MAINE - When the 23rd World Vegetarian Congress assembles here this August on the magnificent 1100-acre campus of the University of Maine, the gathering will include vegetarian speakers, leaders, delegates, and visitors from dozens of nations around the world.

Among the vegetarian luminaries participating in the program, will be:

  • Prof. Scott Nearing (Maine)
  • Prof. Henry Bailey Stevens (New Hampshire)
  • Dr. Gordon Latto (London)
  • Dr. Ralph Bircher (Switzerland)
  • R. J. Cheatham (Florida)
  • Eva Batt (Engand)
  • Sri J. N. Mankar (Bombay)
  • Sri Surendra Mehta (Madras)


  • Woodland Kahler 0 Marquis of St. Innocent (Spain & Florida)
  • Brian Gunn-King (N. Ireland)
  • Richard St. Barbe Baker ( New Zealand & England)
  • Shri Chittrabanu Maharaj (Bombay & New York)
  • Shri T. S. Khanna (Washington D.C.)
  • Lic. German Alberti- Vasquez (Caracas)
  • Dr. Masakazu Tada (Japan)
  • Prof. David Phillips (Australia)
  • Louis Warter (New York)
  • Dr. Jay Milton Hoffman (Escondido)
  • Rev. Alice Holtman (New York)
  • P. L. Pick (London)
  • Bob Pinkus (N.J.)
  • Prof. Daniel Hoffman (Indiana)
  • Nellie Shriver (Akron)
  • Brian Graff and H. Jay Dinshah (Malaga)

and many other doctor and lay leaders from all parts of the world.

Some representative subjects that will be covered by this distinguished roster of speakers, will be such vegetarian and related topics as:

  • Can Vegetarianism Reverse The World Trend Toward Famine?
  • Superior Natural Methods For Growing Food;
  • The Use Of Fasting And The Use Of Juices In Natural Health;
  • How Refined And Animal Origin Food Promotes Disease;
  • How Natural Vegetarian Living Promotes Health;
  • Raising A Happy Healthy Family The Vegetarian Way;
  • The Problem Of Vaccination;
  • How To eat As A Vegetarian Travelling Abroad
  • Common Environmental Hazards & What To Do About Them;
  • How To Plan A Balanced Vegetarian Regimen;

Plus special talks on Heart Attacks & Strokes - Arthritis - Cancer - Problems of the Respiratory System - Mental, Emotional, and Nervous Disorders - Diabetes and Hypoglyceamia - and talks on many other subjects that will cover the filed of natural vegetareian living and related areas of interest, from the ethical and moral, scientific, helathful, economical and ecological, aesthetic, and humanitarian standpoints.