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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

from Vegetarian Voice Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec 1975:
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lecturer2 DR. GORDON LATTO - whose shoulders bear the twin burdens of the presidencies of the Vegetarian Society (United Kingdom) Ltd. and the International Vegetarian Union. He is seen above delivering his welcome address on the opening night of the Congress; at right on the platform and at left following a ceremonial garlanding by the delegation from India. lecturer3
BRIAN GUNN-KING (right) - able and indefatigable General Secretary of the IVU. Besides his normal organizational work at the Congress, he showed many interesting films and slides on natural veganic gardening at the IVU h.q. in N. Ireland. lecturer4

LIVING THE GOOD LIFE - Conducting a class in natural gardening or vegetarian homesteading, dashing off a chapter for a new book, working in the garden or chopping wood for the kitchen stove - it's all in a day's work fro 92-year-old vegetarian Scott Nearing.

He is seen left at the podium and enjoying a good laugh. Mrs Nearing assists him in many classes, and has co-authored some of their books.

Right: Helen catches up on her knitting as she sits one out. Scott engages in two more favorite activities: making a good point in a discussion, and relishing the great Maine outdoors.



CONGRESS SPEAKERS - Above, left to right: Woodland Kahler, the Marquis of St. Innocent, Immediate Past President of IVU.
Dr. Karl-Otto Aly, brilliant young medical chief of the 90-bed vegetarian Tallmogaarden Nature-Cure Sanitarium, in Sweden.
Dr. Masakazu Tada, Director of the Soto Institute; leader of the largest foreign delegation to the Congress: nearly 70 from Japan.


Top left: Neil Emke, erudite President of the Vegetarian Society of New York, Member of the Board of Trustees of NAVS.

Top right: Dr. Willis B. Hunting, Presdient of International School of Living.

Below left: Mrs. Madge Cockburn, President, Hopewood Health Center, Australia. The Hopewood project was documented in Jack Trop's book, A Gift of Love.

Below right: Rubin Abramowitz, Secretary, Los Angeles Vegetarian Society; Member of the Board of Trustees, NAVS.



NATURAL HEALER - Dr. Ann Wigmore (above left), Co-Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Boston, illustrates some of the ins and outs of seeds and sprouts, as nourishing, delicious, and inexpensive food items.
R. J. CHEATHAM (above right) - Director of the Shangri La natural Hygeine Institute (Bonita Springs, Fla.) - uses visual aids to show the interdependence of many facets of natural living.
SPIRITED DISCUSSION - Here's Dr. Ann again (at lower left), with Dr. Alec Burton, Prersident of the Australian Natural Hygeine Society. Dr. Burton again, below center.
below right: Dr. Barbara Latto (England) and Dr. Elisabeth Begoihn (Germany). Dr. Begoihn stressed the responsibility of the expectant mother to provide the best natural pre-natal care for the little life within, The talk was also repeated, by popular request.



RESPONSIBILITY - Dixie Mahy (left), the Vice-President of the San Francisco Vegetarian Society, is also editor of the best newsletter in the country put out by a veg. local group. At the Congress, she was elected to the NAVS Board of Trustees, and appointed West Coast Coordinator, with a view to a possible N. American Veg, Congress in California in the foreseeable future.

YOGI BHAJAN - (above right) Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Yogi, the Founder/Director of the Spritual Education, 3HO Foundation, delivered an eloquent talk on scientific vegetarianism.

INTERNATIONAL HARMONY - (below right) The delegate from San Fancisco again, sharing a song-sheet ("God Bless the Animals") with the delegate of the S.O.U.L., Vegetarian Society, of Nigeria, Mr. Uduma E. Uche.



KEYNOTE ADDRESS - Panoramic view of meeting hall on opening night is seen above, as NAVS President H. Jay Dinshah enumerates the many ways that "Vegetarianism is Good For Life" - the theme of this Congress. IVU president Dr. Gordon Latto is presiding.

WEAR AND TEAR - The strain of too many 20 and 22-hour Congress workdays begins to show clearly on Jay, below left . . . But the smiles come, too, in the joy of Service to Humanity and Creation.


A CALL TO ACTION - Although vegetarians can put their compassion and knowledge into practice individually, Jay emphasizes the great need for vigorous co-operative efforts, with Drive, Determination, and Dedication. (Object held in right hand is a pencil or ball-point pen - definitely NOT a cigarette.)


CELEBRATION - Jay and Freya leaving platform at special India Night program, after ceremonial decoration by Indian delegation. Fragrant sandalwood garlands were presented, in token of appreciation of the herculaean efforts in organization and food planning/preparation for the Congress.