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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

[letter from the President of IVU, also President of VSUK, to Mike Storm, Editor of The Vegetarian, journal of VSUK]

lattoFROM DR. GORDON LATTO [photo right, at the congress]
10th September, 1975.

Dear Mike,

I for one missed you very much at the IVU congress in America. We had a very pleasant trip across, a bus was awaiting us at Bangor and we were met by Jay Dinshah at 11.30 - he had a light buffet supper ready for us. This was greatly appreciated.

In my opinion the congress was successful in so far that it helped unite the various groups in America and form a more coherent movement. The food prepared for us was first class and most varied. Many friendships were made. Some of the talks were excellent and I was informed that more than half of the 1500 participants were under 35 - this was really good. We need young and vital people in the movement.

Many of the people who came were just bordering on vegetarianism and when asked why they had come they categorically stated that they had come to learn. A kindly atmosphere prevailed – people could not have been more friendly.

The accommodation was excellent and the charges for what we received were exceptionally low. We had excellent coverage in the newspaper on the radio and television.

After the Conference we motored over to Prof. Scot Nearing’s home and stayed with him and his wife for 2 days. We then proceeded to Providence were we stayed for 2 days at a Swami's Ashram. It was a very progressive place, entirely vegetarian and very thought provoking. His experience we greatly appreciated. I did speak to the inmates of the Ashram on Healing and answered questions after the meeting.

We then flew to Washington, the capital of the U.S.A. and were met by Dr. Miles Robinson a friend of ours. He is working on a very important legal case, appertaining to drugs. They took us to see the White House, we made a tour of it, we saw the Washington Memorial, the Kennedy Centre, Watergate, Abraham Lincoln Memorial and some art galleries with the most magnificent pictures, We were advised not to walk in the streets at night in Washington or New York.

The Americans were exceptionally kind to us and helpful and for us the Congress was a memorable occasion,

[signed] Gordon