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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

from Vegetarian Voice, Vol.1, No.6, (Nov/Dec)1974:


When the 23rd World Vegetarian Congress convenes in the Ste of Maine, on the magnificent University of Maine campus on August 16th 1975, it will feature an EXCITING EXPOSITION, which will run for the duration of the Congress.

From all over the World, exhibitors interested in the vegetarian concepts and practices, will join together in a free exhibition of Booths and Boutiques for the pleasure and education of the World Vegetarian Congress delegates, attendees, and visitors alike.

The Exposition will be made up of exhibitors with products and services of very special interest to vegetarians . . . from man-made furs to hand-made fleurs . . . food growing techniques . . . educational and informative material covering all facets of our lives . . . Yes, an Exposition unlike any you have ever attended before . . . an Exposition Hall and Mall that will surely excite your interest.

Some will look and some will learn . . . but all will like what they will see and hear. Some will buy and some will sell . . . but ALL will enjoy the Special Exposition at the World Vegetarian Congress.

The Exposition is produced by a professional exposition company, SHOWCRAFT INTERNATIONAL, INC. Mr. Stanley M. Finn, President of Showcraft International, suggests that those of you who would like to have a particular person or firm attend the Exposition as an Exhibitor, use the cut-out coupon below; and they will be sent an invitational brochure. Anyone is eligible so long as their product or service is in harmony with the views of vegetarianism. Exhibitors and their staff will also be able to take advantage of the campus room and board facilities at the special Congress rates, while earning, learning, and vacationing too!

[coupon followed]