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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

from Vegetarian Voice, Vol.1, No.2, 1974:


SINGLES - COUPLES - FAMILIES: Whatever your interest in vegetarianism, and better, more natural living - whether from the standpoint of ethics and Reverence for Life, scientific nutrition and better health, economy and ecology, or whatever - you will find the 23rd WORLD VEGETARIAN CONGRESS to be a truly outstanding high point in your life. Here, you will hear noted world vegetarian speakers - both doctors and knowlegeable lay people - and they will help you to a better understanding of the progressive concepts and practices of modern vegetarianism, and what these can mean for you, your family, and the world in general. You will meet and get to know vegetarian delegates and visitors from dozens of overseas nations, as well as a multitude from the U.S.A. and Canada - all gathered together for the free exchange of information, good-fellowship, and planning vegetarian activities on a global, national, and local basis. There has never been an event like this in this hemisphere, and we cordially invite you to share with us the rich benefits of knowlegde, discussion, recreation, and friendship, that will be afforded by this unique gathering. Use the handy coupons below today, for full details.
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About The IVU

THE INTERNATIONAL VEGETARIAN UNION was founded in 1908, to provide an association of vegetarian societies on a world-wide basis; to co-ordinate work of affiliated societies; to represent the vegetarian veiwpoint in international affairs; to publish and distribute vegetarian books, news, etc.; to maintain a library of books on vegetarianism and related subjects; to assist individuals in the organizing of new societies or groups; and to sponsor the World Vegetarian Congresses.

These Congresses are now held every two years. During the past decade, they have been located at:

1965 - England
1967 - India
1969 - Israel
1971 - Holland
1973 - Sweden

- And now, for the first time in the history of the IVU and the vegetarian movement, this totally unique event is scheduled for North America, in 1975

About The NAVS

navsTHE NORTH AMERICAN VEGETARIAN SOCIETY is a non-profit, non-sectarian, educational organization. Among its aims are: The coordinating and organzing of the vegetarian movement in the USA and Canada; cooperating with other organizations of similar general aims; organizing national and international vegetarian congresses; education of interested organizations and individuals - and the general public - to the values of vegetarianism; fostering a general attitude of Reverence for Life and kindness to animals; establishing centers for educational vegetarian work; research investigation and dissemination of factual information of the scientific, ethical, and other aspects of vegetarianism.

The Board of Trustees of the NAVS includes noted leaders in the movement, from Maine to California and in Canada.

Your interest, inquiry and support are earnestly solicited, as we go forward together in this new era of vegetarian co-operation and endeavor, for a better world.