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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

The letter below was received by the Vegetarian Society UK, and appears to have been sent to all member societies of IVU.

March 6, 1975

Dear Friends,

From all indications at this time, the XXIII World Vegetarian Congress to be held this August 16-28 in the USA, will be by far the lagest and mst unusual in the 67-year history of the IVU. The number of pre-registrations to date is roughly equal to the total attendance at an average Congress; as we have five months to go yet, this is obviously only the "tip of the iceberg." The campus dorm capacity is some 4000, and we are continuing to reserve the full capacity in serious expectations of requiring most or all of it. We have already virtually exhausted the supply of large classrooms for the classes, workshops, and discussions, with nearly two dozen such events scheduled simultaneously (in some cases several speakers will work with the same subject, to keep the classes down to more manageable sizes).

Although we are now financially more than able to meet the substantial deposit to be made to the University next month for holding the entire campus for us, we are nevertheless extending the deadline for reduced-rate registrations to MARCH 25th, to enable overseas people in particular, to take advantage of this saving. Registration fee is $25 for any amil postmarked by or before March 25th, $40 (adult) thereafter.

Approximately 60 capable speakers and teaches have already been scheduled for the program, which is now fairly crowded, five months in advance. There is a good representation of the most noted vegetarian speakers, teachers, leaders, and practitioners from all parts of the globe. If we have not yet heard from your area and you have a top-notch vegetarian speaker who should be on the program, please do let us hear from you within the next 30 days at most.

In regard to the question many are asking, about staying on at the University of Maine AFTER the 28th closing day of the Congress. WE REGRET THAT THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE, as the campus must be returned to its normal condition for 4000 students coming in the next week after we leave. A possible overnight extension the night of the 28th, to leave the 29th, could be arranged but absolutely no more than that. Those who are coming on 21-day excursion flights from overseas, can take the week-long sightseeing bus tours, OR they can arrange to come in to the campus ONE WEEK EARLIER, at the same daily rates for accommodation. WE SHOULD BE INFORMED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, in either case.

For informational purposes, we mention again that ground transport from the Bangor, Maine airport to the Univeristy at Orono, will be available at $6 for the round-trip by bus. We should be informed of arrival time, and departure date and time also if possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact NAVS for any further information; all correspondence is now receiving prompt individual attention.

We will apreciate it if you will share this information with others in your local vegetarian society who may be interested in coming to this unique Congress.

Looking forward to the pleasure.

Yours for a Better World
H. Jay Dinshah
NORTH AMERICAN VEGETARIAN SOCIETY - 301 Old Harding Hwy. - Malaga, N.J. 08328