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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

from Vegetarian Voice, Vol.1, No.2, 1974:


[this articles was bordered by a selection of the campus photos]

THE 23RD WORLD VEGETARIAN CONGRESS is scheduled for August 16 through 28, 1975, on the campus of the University of Maine at Orono.

cartoonAll of the University's extensive meeting, dorm, cafeteria, athletic, and recreational facilities have been reserved and will be at the disposal of the Congress, which is expected to break all attendance records for this type of convention.

The program itself will run for a full week, and will include representatives from dozens of vegetarian societies around the world, doctors and expert lay speakers and teachers of the vegetarian way of life. In addition to the main educational sessions, there will also be classes and seminars or discussion groups. These will cover various facets of vegetarianism and related subjects, such as organic gardening, simple living and homesteading, natural health methods, rasing a healthy vegetarian family, and so on.

The many aspects of vegetarianism will be thoroughly explored and discussed, including the ethical and moral, scientific and nutritional, humanitarian, economic and ecological. Vegetarian books and literature will be abundantly available; there will also be numerous exhibits on display.

As this is the first time in the 66-year history of the International Vegetarian Union, that a World Congress has been held in the Western Hemisphere, this is a unique opportunity for vegetarians - and everyone who is interested in laerning more about vegetarianism - to get together in thsi way, enjoy themselves by vacationing in a setting of rare beauty and natural purity, and at the same time learn all they want to know about vegetarian living.

The University's tenpin bowling alley, 19 tennis courts and equipment, athletic fields (both outdoor and indoor), mammoth swimming pool, ping-pong and pool tables, canoes, sail boats, tents and camping equipment, bicycles, etc., will be available throughout the Congress duration at no additional charge.

Following the week-long educational program, several days will be set aside for all who wish to take further advantage of the many sport and recreational features being provided.

Professionally escorted and narrated, half day and full day sightseeing tours will be conducted during the Congress educational week; and in the last few days of the Congress there will be longer guided tours by charter bus, to Boston, New York City, and Quebec City, Canada. The tours are available at additional cost.

The University cafeteria will be serving only specially balanced and deliciously prepared menus of unrefined vegetarian foods, as specified by the NAVS Congress Committee.

Special smoking areas will be set aside in certain buildings, as smoking will not be permitted in the cafeteria, meeting halls, and other general public areas.

Room and board for each adult, will be $12 per night for each of two in a double room, or the same price for 1 in a limited number of single rooms. For an adult wishing to occupy a double room alone, the rate will be $17 per night. There will also be available some suites which have a private bath, at extra cost. In addition to the two beds in a double room, a cot can be provided for a child of 2 to 12 years; the cost is just $6 per night (one-half adult rate), which also includes meals. Infants (under age 2) will be aditted free. The above prices INCLUDE vegetarian meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a snack service.

The registration fee for the entire Congress, including all educational and other sessions, lectures, classes and seminars, is just $25 per adult or $5 per child (age 2-12), payable before march 1st, 1975. Thereafter up to Congress time, the adult registration fee will be $40.

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