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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

from Vegetarian Voice, Vol.1, No.2, 1974:

jayEditorial: [photo right: Jay Dinshah]
Something In Common . . . .

THE WELCOME MAT WILL BE OUT and the doors wide open at the Univeristy of Maine's campus in Orono during the 23rd World Vegetarian Congress next year.

There are so many good and valid reasons for vegetarianism, and every vegetarian of any type of "persuasion" or motivation will feel at home there.

But equally welcome will be the many who are not living as vegetarians, but who would like to have more information and knowledge about this more advanced way of living.

One interesting phenomenon of recent years, has been the tremendous upsurge of interest and numbers of people, in the various esoteric philosophies and faiths, and many or most of these advocate some form of vegetarianism for one reason or another.

There are also quite few more conventional or orthodox religious and philosophical groups that teach or favor abstaining from meat. And there are so many health groups and teachers of natural living who recognize and instruct people in the healthful benefits of a meatless regimen.

There are also thousands upon thousands of individuals who have become vegetarians entirely on their own due to the exercise of personal logic and reason, or the awakening of a compassionate awareness within.

The North American Vegetarian Society and the International Vegetarian Union extend the hand of friendship and welcome to all people of good-will - vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike - who are interested in learning more about the full scope of vegetarianism: ethical and moral, aesthetic and humanitarian, healthful and scientific, economic and ecological, or what-have-you.

Our field - our ONLY field - is vegetariansim in all its ramifications and its related aspects. The NAVS has no pet political, theological, economic, or any othe axe to grind; and it is not concerned with the individual vegetarian's views or affiliations of such nature. It is our purpose and our aim to bring together all who have at least this one interest in common - VEGETARIANISM - to provide a common meeting ground for the exchange of the best VEGETARIAN information and knowledge, and to do all we can to help the VEGETARIAN viewpoint and movement to grow and flourish as it deserves to do.

Make your plans now to attend this Congress. It is the sort of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that should not be allowed to go by without you. This is for YOU, and you are the beneficiary of it.

Do come to the Congress.... You will thank yourself for it.... AND YOU ARE WELCOME!