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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

from Vegetarian Voice Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec 1975:
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INTENSIVE EDUCATION - The outstanding educational feature of the Congress was the program of classes, panels and workshops. These were conducted in 1-1/4 hour sessions usually twice a day, from Monday through Saturday, Aug. 18-22.


CLASSY COOKING - Edythe Schechter, of New York, is President of the Society For Natural Living, and a Member of the Board of Trustees of NAVS. She chaired the important Wed. eve meeting and gave classes in vegetarian cooking. (above right)
At left: R. J. Cheatham, Director of Shangri-la Natural Hygeine Institute and a past-Pres. of the American Natural Hygeine Society. In one of his excellent health classes.

Attendees had to select from about 15 subjects in any session. To keep classes down to a reasonable size for questions/answers, up to four instructors were assigned to each of the more popular subjects, in separate classrooms. Many subjects were also repeated during the week, to enable people to catch class topics they had missed while attending equally valuable subjects earlier in the week. In this manner, the largest 2 dozen classrooms on the campus were utilized simultaneously, including the Main Gym and the 600-seat Hauck Auditorium.

By Congress time some 90 instructors had been scheduled for one or more classes during the main educational week. With practically no cancellations, and with many new arrivals also qualified for platform r classroom service, the total went well over a hundred. Last-minute assignments and substitutions were announced nightly, but obviously a certain amount of confusion was inevitable. The most common problem for attendees was the desire to be in several places at one time ( a few of the hard-working staff members DID in fact seem to create the illusion of being in several places at once, but that's another story!).

On these next few pages (below), we see some of the wonderful vegetarian teachers to whom we all owe so much gratitude, for their giving so fully and freely of their knowledge and efforts.


NAVS is grateful to William H. Newcombe, the Director of Health education Parkview Memorial Hospital, Brunswick, Maine, for his kind assistance in arranging for the appearance of three outstanding vegetarian teachers at the Congress:
Above left, Dr. Myron Krueger; Internist (specialist in internal medicine) and cardiologist; Medical Director od Parkview; spoke on health problems related to meat-eating, and foods and diseases of civilization.
Above right, Dr. Gaylen Johnson; Surgeon on the staff of Parkview; gave classes in meat-eating related to health problems and in scientific vegetarian nutrition; put classroom TV set to superb use . . . as a holder for poster illustrating how both lacto-ovo and total vegetarians obtain from 2 to 11 times the minimum daily requirements of each essential amino acid.


Top left: Ernest H. J. Steed; World Temperance Director, General Conference of 7th-Day Adventists; presented separate classes for adults and for youths on why not to let the C-A-T (Caffeine-Alcohol-Tobacco) get your tongue.


Mid left: Dr. and Mrs. Frank Hurd, authors of the Ten Talents Cook Book.


bottom left: SYMPOSIUM - Swaran Singh Sanehi, Secretary of the Academy for Namdhari Culture (Punjab, India); Stoy Proctor; Louis Warter; Sister Daya Marcus of the Integral Yoga Institute.



top right is Stoy Proctor, Director of Health Services, Illinois SDA Conference; author of "Un-Meat"


mid right: Dr. V. N. Hai, retired from research staff of Haffkine Institute in Bombay, emphasizes a point with a piece of chalk.


bottom right: Peter Hoffman of Madras, active in the vegetarian and animal welfare movements in India.



INTENSIVE EDUCATION - (at left above) World traveller and lecturer Louis Warter gave several classes in vegetarian philosophical subjects
CLASSROOM SCENE - (at right above) No positive identification for this photo, but it is believed that two or more of these friends were with a delegation from Central America.

Below: Rev. Alice Holtman, who taught vegetarian cookery, emotional stability and mental health, and other subjects.
Above 2 photos: Mrs. Serena Coles, Vice-President of The Vegan Society (England), who spoke on total-vegetarianism and on humane alternatives for animal products. Serena has been a vegan for the past 30 years, and raised her son to healthy adulthood as a vegan also. In class picture above can be seen Victoria Mucie, Pres. of Midwest Vegetarians, Kansas City NAVS-affiliated local group (in white, front row, 3rd from left); next to her is Mrs. Grace Smith, Treasurer of The Vegan Society (England). Grace is Freya Dinshah's mother, and she raised both her daughters as vegetarians from birth.

top right: Nellie Shriver, Director of the American Vegetarians group (an NAVS-affiliate), was extremely helpful in pre-Congress publicity and media interview and coverage arrangements during the Congress. She is seen at right conducting a workshop in publicizing vegetarianism through the mass media. The advertising tee-shirts and buttons are available from American Vegetarians.


mid right: Dr. Gerard Baerents, a dentist from Amsterdam, Holland, who emphasized the non-carnivorous human dental structure.


bottom right: Shri S. N. Bakshi, Catering Manager for Air India Airlines, explained some of the ingredients and methods of Indian vegetarian cooking.



above, left to right:
Dr. David A. Phillips (Australia), Director of Publishers Distributors Pty., Ltd.; and Hygienic Food Supplies Pty., Ltd.
Dipl. Ing. Julius Fleischanderl (Austria), Secretary of SCIVU - the Scientific Council of the International Vegetarian Union.
Leonard Lsky (N.Y. State), Literature Secretary, Long Island Vegetarian Society (an NAVS-affiliate); professional engineer.


top left: Dr. Keki R. Sidhwa (England) Director of the Shalimar Health Center; President of the British Natural Hygeine Society.

bottom left: Dr. Manuel J. Londono (Colombia), president of the Latin-American Federation of Naturists.

top right: Richard St. Barbe Baker (New Zealand), 86-year lifetime vegetarian; founder, Men of The Trees.

bottom right: Classroom scene, R. St. Barbe Baker at right of photo.



above left to right:
Shri Suresh Bhamre, founder/president of the World Yoga Society
Tom Jackrell (n.Y.C.), who gave a class on vegetarian agriculture and some of the economic and other forces moving in favor and against it.
Classroom scene: The largest delegation to the Congress was the Japanese, with 70 members. here are two of them, at the class in Japanese vegetarian cookery.