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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

from Vegetarian Voice Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec 1975:

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NOTE: we would not normally put photos of children on the website, but these are from 1975 . . . if you are in one of the photos do get in touch!.


JUST ROLLING ALONG - Some of the kids , enjoying trikes provided at the Congress Children's Center.
Above right: Margaret and Venetia Gunn-King.
At left: "Boy! Maybe I should've picked an easier class!"
Right: Two genuine lettuce-lickin' carrot-crunchin' total-vegetarian bunny-wabbits: Congress Children's Committee Members "Bunny Anne" and Daniel Dinshah.


above: LOOKING AT A BRIGHT FUTURE - "You mean you can really raise children without meat?" Anyone at the Congress could see a hundred good answers to that question: ten are above, including: Sita Gunn-King (standing) at left); Anne Dinshah (seated in front of Sita); Elizabeth Sharp (seated holding little Rena James); Daniel Dinshah (holding truck); Venetia Gunn-King (seated, 2nd from right).


TOYLAND, JOYLAND, DEAR LITTLE GIRL AND BOY LAND - Above left, a corner of the marvelously equipped Congress Children's Center. Performing a vital role in the balanced Congress program, the center enrolled about a hundred children (ages 2 to 12), to enable parents to fully attend the lectures and classes. Usual attendance was about 60-65.
Above right: Making music, assisted by volunteer staff member Jessica Mintz, from Los Angeles (lower right corner).


left: ARTS AND CRAFTS -Miss Carol Thomas, able Director of the Congress Children's Center, guides some make-it-yourself activities.

At right: Listening to music and stories. Volunteer helper Evon Dinshah is at upper left of picture.

right: Some more little arts and crafts projects. At left of picture is Charles Sharp, Elizabeth's brother.

left: SPECIAL EVENTS - Field trip to the University's on-campus Anthropology musem



The University was kind enough to send one of their fire engines over to the Children's Cebter. The fireman demonstrated the use of water-hose and other fire-fighting equipment.
Right: Bunny Anne and Qanta Kola invite the children to take a tour of the engine's cab, sit in the driver's seat, and try the siren a bit.


CHILDREN'S HOUR - Each morning at the Children's Center, an outstanding speaker/educator gave an interesting talk. Above right: Nat Altman, author of Eating For Life, tells of Growing Up Healthy.
above top left: A doll's house
above bottom left: Game time - Elizabeth Sharp again, at left.


At right: Victoria Mucie, who spoke on How To Be Kind. Smt Rukmini Devi Arundale told about Our Friends The Animals; Carol Thomas talked about What Should We Eat? Daniel and Anne conducted a workshop on Problems of Vegetarin Children, part of which was broadcast on CBS-TV.

For outdoor play activities, slatted snow-fencing was erected on 150' of lawn, connecting two outdoor tennis courts with the Children's Center building. This probided an acre if fenced-in area, either in grass or pavement.

FILM PRODUCER - Miss Monica Hershaft (left) of Bethesda, Md., made good use of some of the graphic arts equipment, to create her own little film-strip: "Be A Vegetarian." In 3 photos at left , she is seen writing the outline, putting finishing touches on the art work, and recording the sound track. Monica's father, Alex, is active with the Vegetarian Society of D.C., the oldest local vegetarian society in the U.S.A., now a NAVS-affiliate.

"BE A VEGETARIAN" - Monica on stage, presenting her film as part of the Children's Report to the Congress, Friday evening, Aug. 22nd.

GERMINATED LEGUMES - W£atching a demonstration of bean-sprouting, by Children's Center Staff Member Helen Story.

ANOTHER OF THOSE CWAZY WABBITS! - Children's Center main room was normally an archery range. Four targets are seen at top of photo at right. Some wag in VV Art dept. couldn't resist drawing the ears in!

At Right: Anne and Daniel report to the Congress on children's program.