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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

from Vegetarian Voice Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec 1975:
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top left & center: FASHION COMPASSION - Victoria Mucie, Director of Midwest Vegetarians (NAVS affiliate group in Kansas City) is Mistress of Ceremonies of the Beauty Without Cruelty fashion show, featuring man-made-fur coats by Sportowne of New York.
bottom left: SONG OF SUSTENANCE - Dr. Keki Sidhwa and Maria Illo sing Dr. Sidhwa's calypso composition, Let Vegetarian Feed The Nation.
top right: "MUSIC HATH CHARMS" - . . Master Sitarist Mrgender Singh.
bottom right: Versatile Randy Blank, with a piano selection.


top left: Modern dance by Dixie Mahy. Top right: A dance of India by Indra Neela.
bottom left: PRESENTATION - of hand illuminated plaque of Dr. Schweitzer's Prayer For Animals, to University Conference Director John Benoit, in token of appreciation of his outstanding co-operation in Congress arrangements. Partlt hidden is banquet M.C. Irving Davidson, Immediate Past-President of the American Natural Hygeine Society.
Bottom center: Dance after the entertainment.