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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

Bangor Daily News, August 23, 1975
[several photographs in the paper are of too poor quality in our surviving photocopy to reproduce]

Blodless plan offered to bring true world peace
By David Bright
Of the NEWS Staff

ORONO - Out of a meeting at the World Vegetarian Conference (sic) beng held at the University of Maine at Orono this week has come a union of two international groups whose leaders say they have a bloodless plan for bringing true peace to the world.

Garry Davis, formerly of Bar Harbor and now of Hesinuqe, France, is the self-styled leader of the World Service Authority, an organization which promotes the cause of one international government instead of the many nations now in existence around the world.

Yogi Bhajan, formerly of India and now of Loa Angeles, is the appointed leader for the Western Hemisphere of the Sihk (Pronounced "seek") Dharma Brotherhood , claimed to be the third largest religion in the world after Christianity and Judaism.

Working together, the two men propose to establish the Sovereign Order of World Guards, a corps of "peace officers" who would move into the wor;ld's hotspots in attempts to calm the conflicts and forego the fighting. Yogi Bhajan says that he and Davis intend formally to present their proposal to the United Nations.Yogi says that he could have a group of 100 Sikhs ready to travel anywhere in a week's time.

From there, he said, a potential of up to 30,000 persons could be drawn to te World Guards, with all religious leaders in the world adopting the plan.

"The corps would be trained and organized, disciplined in mind, morals and body, to be able to deal with the disturbed mind of the person at war." Yogi Bhajan says. "It would be a mobile peace force, unarmed, which would take the U.S. motto of "in God we trust" and extend it to "in God we live."

Yogi Bhajan and Davis both feel that a world government is the only way to bring peace to the world.

"We have no more geological and political divisions in the world." Davis says, "the world is now so small that we can't afford war ro resolve our conflicts. The only civilized way is a set of universal laws. It's now against the law in the U.S. and in the Soviet Union to murder someone, but there is no law which says we can't murder the Russians by warfare. If we are to survive, we must survive together, because we are all members of the same race.

The Yogi puts it differently.

"We have 50 states in this country which . . . together because . . . united as one nation . . . states can get along . . . can't 500 or 5,000 states get along?"

Yogi Bhajan dimissed the theory that . . . made of politics . . . they are mode of . . . He sees no reason why differences can't be resolved and agree . . . way to do it is to un. . . . the world's people as . . .

"The world should . . . one family living in . . . house," the Yogi says . . . house belongs to all of . . . and they all take care . . they don't knock down . . . walls trying to take . . . away from each other.

Both men agreed that . . . World Vegetarian Conference was a . . . place to meet people . . . similar persuasions.

"Vegetarianism . . . World Citizenship . . . alike," Davis said, " . . . both offer philosophies . . . non killing."