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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

Bangor Daily News, Thursday, August 21, 1975
[several photographs in the paper are of too poor quality in our surviving photocopy to reproduce]

Beauty is kindness to all animals

Sugar is the ultimate evil. Bananas are good for the skin - on it as well as in it. And wearing sneakers saves a life.

Victoria Mucie, leading a workshop on "Beauty Is As Beauty Does," told her audience of teenagers at the Vegetarian World Congress at the University of maine on Tuesday, that "Whenever man gets his finger in the animal pie, the animals suffer.

"The beauty and glow you get by being kind to all creatures of te earth makes you beautiful," she advised.

To accomplish this kindness, one must avoid using any products derived from animals.

The list of no-no's included cosmetics that contain lanolin, soap or cleansing agents made with lard, leather footwear, wool clothes, and brushes with natural fibres, to name a few.

Those who bought and wore furs have a direct impact on teh slaughter of baby seals, minks and other animals that are turned into clothes for humans, she said.

"Sell your fur," urged Miss Mucie, "or donate it to the Fund for Animals. The furs are sent to the Eskimoes who really do need them." If you still feel the irge to wear fur, she advised to buy fake fur.

She pointed to her own feet and the black, patent-look shoe. She wears them for dressy occasions, but for everyday wear, canvas or tennis hsoes are worn - never a leather shoe.

"In the past, people have said that non-leather shoes were not healthful for your feet. They probably were right." she said, "but that has changed. The quality of non-leather shoes has improved. And you save money too."

Working from the hair to the feet on beauty care, she assumed the "pose of tranquility" (lie on back with legs stretched in front of face) to send blood to the hair roots.

"Food feeds hair," she explained, "but so does blood."You can stand on your head or hang your head over the side of the bed to achieve the same stimulation.

Cleaning one's face the natural way, one must avoid the lard-based soaps. Kosher castle soap is one alternative. Vegetable oil in hot water with a dash of apple vinegar also stimulates the facial tissues.

If your skin is dry, avocado can be blended to a butter, "but this can be expensive as a moisturizer." She recommended bananas blended to a cream.

To keep trim cuticles and strong nails, a nightly massage with olive oil and white iodine is helpful.

Criticizing fad diets, she said, "If I were to have to choose one of the worst things to eat - other than burned meat - it would be white sugar." Candy was one of the worst of the junk foods.

Joining Overeaters Anonymous was helpful for some people addicted to food or the wrong kinds of food, she feels. Fasting however, should never be a method of losing weight.

The key to all the advice she said was, "Listen to what I say, take what you like and leave the rest." The best path, she advised was the path of moderation.