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23rd IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1975
Orono, Maine, USA

Agenda of the General Meeting

FROM 16th AUGUST TO 28th AUGUST 1975

Member Society Progress Reports and Regional Reports will be read between the hours of 09-00 to 10-15 on Tuesday, 18-19th August in the Main Gym at the north end of the Mall. If time permits a representative from each country present, which does not have an organisation affiliated to I.V.U., will be invited to contribute a brief statement on the progress of vegetarianism in their country over the last 2 years.

Congress participants are also welcome to sit in at the I.V.U. General Business Session from 14-00 to 17-00 hours on Wednesday 20th August 1975. Only those however who have been officially delegated in writing by Member Societies (according to quotas laid down in the I.V.U. Constitution) are allowed to vote on business matters. It would be appreciated if the first 10 rows of seats from the platform be left clear for official delegates to occupy to facilitate vote-counting.


1. Welcome from Chairman and Reading of Messages of Greeting.
2. Apologies for absence.
3. Minutes of the previous General Meeting.
4. Matters arising from above Minutes
5. General & Regional Secretaries and Treasurers Reports. 6. Election of Officers.

The following officers are eligible for re-election unless otherwise stated:-

President: Dr.Gorgon Latto (U.K.); Honorary Fellow: Marquis St.Innocent (Permanent Post) [later ammended to read 'Past President']
Deputy President:- Herr Geo Hiller (Germany)

Members of the International Council:
Executive Vice Presidents (4):- Lic German Alberti V. (Venezuela); Mr H.J.Dinshah (U.S.A.); Dipl.Ing.J.Fleischanderl (Austria); Prof.Scott Nearing (U.S.A.)

Mr W.M.Capper Asst.Hon.Treasurer (N.Ireland); Mrs W.M.Eikeboom-Broekman (Netherlands); Mr C.D.Fettes - Hon.Treasurer (Eire); Mrs L.Raaf (Lebanon); Mr L.H.van Loon (S.Africa). Proposed are: Prof.M.J.Londono/???? (Columbia)

Honorary Vice Presidents:-
Australia - Mr C.D.Harding; Canada - Miss R.E.Playle; Germany - Dr.C.A.Skriver; India - Smt.R.Devi Arundale, Smt.M.D.Malemgamvala, Shri S.M.Mehta, Shri V.H.Dalmia, Shri Cajapati (Majlamar of Vizianagram), Pandit Sharma, Shri M.Somani, MrJ.N.Mankar, H.H.Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji (proposed); Israel - Mr.Alex Hary, Dr.O.Robinsohn; Japan - Dr M.Tada; Netherlands - Dr C.Sypkens; New Zealand - Mr G.Hodson; Norway - Mr.Niels Nielsen, Dr phil Rogler; Portugal - Prof.A.M.G. da Costa Cabral; Spain - Dr.V.L.Ferrandiz, Prof Cervera Cebolla; Sweden Herr G.Hadfors, Herr J.Pedersen; Switzerland - Dr. rer oec R.Bircher; U.K. - Mr J.N.le Grice; Mr.P.L.Pick; U.S.A. - Dip.Ing.S.H.Linnio, Prof.H.B.Stevens.
Dr.Ferdinando Delor (Italy); Dr.Jaysuria (Ceylon); Mr.Enrique Bueno & Mrs Pardo Inchategui (Spain).

Hon.Secretaries (not for election):
Hon.General Secretary - I.V.U. (H.Q.) - Mr.B.J.Gunn-King (N.Ireland)
Hon.Reg.Secretary for Latin America - Lic G.Alberti V.(Venezuela) [later changed to Dr.Becerra Limas (Mexico)
Hon.Reg.Sec. for India & The East:- Mr.J.N.Mankar (Bombay-India)
Hon.Reg.Secretary for N.America:- Mr.Brian Graff (New Jersey-U.S.A.)
Hon.Gen.Sec. for Africa:- Mr.E.P.Morkel (Cape town-S.Africa)
Hon.Reg.Secretary for Australasia:- Mr.B.Standish - (Melbourne-Australia)
Hon.Corr.Sec for the Americas:- Dr.J.M.Gehman (Duncannon, Pennsylvania) [later deleted in favour of the reg sec for North and Latin America]
Hon.Reg.Sec for Europe: Mr.C.D.Fettes (Dublin,Eire) [later replaced with Mrs.I.James (England)]
Hon.Corr.Sec. for the Middle East: Mr.P.L.Pick (England)

RESOLUTIONS: Clause 8(1) I.V.U. Constitution "that the minimum affiliation fee be raised from 2.00 to 3.00 per annum with effect in next year" proposed by Mr.J.N.Mankar.
That in accordance with Clause 8(b) a campaign to enrol Associates on a world-wide basis shall be put into operation without delay in order that I.V.U. shall have a sound financial basis and without which, it is impossible to fulfil its objectives.

To carry out this plan all Member Societies and contacts in non-member countries be asked to forward manes of suitable commercial concerns, societies and individuals to whom a circular should be sent inviting Associate Membership. Proposed by Mr.P.L.Pick.

That an addition be made to the Constitution as follows "That not more than one Honorary Officer shall be eligible for election from any one Constituent Society". Such an addition is necessary in order to preserve the fully-representative nature of the Union. Mr.P.L.Pick.

Venue for the 24th World Vegetarian Congress in 1977
1. Mr.S.M.Mehta on behalf of the Indian Vegetarian Congress has proposed India.
2. Mr.P.L.Pick has proposed South Africa

Results of Resolutions:

1. That there will be a World Vegetarian Youth Movement formed in support of I.V.U (Mr M Mehta to be International Corresponding Secretary (India), in co-operation with INTERVEGA (U.K.) and regional secretaries as appointed. Mr Julius Fleischanderl (Austria) - regional representatives for Europe.
2. That Mr.Gunn-King write to the appropriate French Authorities to re-emphasise the feelings of the Congress against the setting up of simulated or real bull fighting arenas in various Departments of the Country. This has been done.
3. That the minimum membership Affiliation Fee be raised from 2 to 3 for societies not on the 2% gross income level of paying. Incorporated into Constitution for the years 1976 and 1977.
4. A Campaign to enrol Associate bodies was carried out by Mr.C.D.Fettes (Hon.Treasurer) as agreed through all natural consulates and embassies but a very poor response was recorded.
5. Not carried. The proposal to restrict any one Constituent Society to not more than 1 Honorary Officer.

VENUE: for 24th World Vegetarian Congress decided for India November-December 1977.