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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India

SIKHISM (Namdhari)

I am very glad to know that World vegetarians are meeting together to
support the cause of Ahimsa.

Our religion is based on the just cause of Ahimsa (Daya). As has been stated by Guru Nanak Sahib : "Dhol Dharam daya ka puur." All our Gurus right from Guru Nanak Sahib to Satguru Ramsingh and Satguru Harisingh have advised the human being to be kind to all the creatures of the Almighty. Without daya even a notable saint is a butcher : "Daya bin sibh hasai." Guru Godindsingh has also stated that God is not pleased with those who kill the Atma: "Tin to kahan parmatam raji; atamghati dhroh jin kia." Guru Gobind Singh has further emphasized a khalsa is he who has daya and is an opponent to himsa. Apart from this, Guru Gobind Singhji has stated in Zafar-Nama : "You should not use your sword fearlessly to kill others; otherwise you will also be killed with the invisible word of God." Our fifth Guru, Arjan Devji, has advised us: "Duukh na dsi kise jia; pat sion ghar jawo." Guru Nanak Devji has further stated: "Whosoever kills the others, he is also liable to be killed, and will never be forgiven by the Almighty" Bhagat Kabir, who is given high esteem in the minds of Sikhs has also given his verdict against those who take either jhatka or kutha* * and claim themselves innocent as compared with each other: "Un jhatka un bismal kia; daya dohan te bhagi ; kahat kabir suno bhai sadho; aag dolian ghar lngi."

Last of all Satgusu Ram Singh and Santguru Hari Singh surpassed all, when they ordered their Sikhs, not to take even water from those who do himsa. In this way numerous quotations can be given from the sayings of all our Gurus which are contained in Sri Grnnth Sahib and the granths of Guru Gobind Singh.

If we see it from the strength point of view, vegetarians are in no way weaker than non-vegetarians. All the Sikh Gurus and Sikhs of their times were pure vegetarians. They were so strong and the fact that they over-powered the Mughal forces is not concealed from anyone. Namdhari Sikhs who are pure vegetarians defeated all the tug-of-war teams of the British empire in 1911. Even now there are vegetarians who have marvellous strength as compared with non-vegetarians.

I express my earnest desire and prayer to God that He may give every success to the Congress to spread their ideology throughout the world and bring non-vegetarians to the right and just path of Ahimsa.


* * Slaughter by one cut or bleeding by many cuts.