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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India

Keki R. Sidhwa, D.O.

A naturopath and Osteopath of Edinburgh sets forth the principles of Nature Cure which he sees as based on "non-violence" together with a positive force that leads to Health, Happiness and Harmony. Health, he sees as the product of Right Action, rather than as mere wishful thinking. "Ill-health lies in the wrong use of the 'self.' " He sees the treatment and covering up of disease signs and symptoms as utterly opposed to the Nature-Cure technique which "is based upon the inhibition of the habitual wrong use of 'self.' " When wrong activities leading to disease have been inhibited, only then through normal channels can rejuvenation take place.

"The use of fasting followed by correct nutrition enables the body to have a great physiological rest after which it builds itself up on natural, wholesome, fresh, uncontaminated, and unprocessed food obtained from a choice of fruits and vegetables, nuts, dairy produce, and whole grains, eaten in proper combinations."

The physiological needs of the body for fresh air and sunshine, sleep relaxation and rest, an adequate amount of vigorous outdoor work and exercise, sufficient but porous clothing, also must be satisfied.

"Summing up, therefore, let us assert that the world's redemption from diseases, drugs, and discord depends on a practical recognition that nature's law cannot be violated with impunity . . . The onward march of the great and mighty truths that form the basis of Nature-Cure and Vegetarian Food Reform will continue until the whole world has been redeemed from the hoary fallacies that enslave the mind of man. The future belongs to Nature-Cure. Let us "cease to do evil." It will be easy therefore "to learn to do good."