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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India

The Shepherd and the Butcher:
Strange Inconsistencies
author not given

The loving and tender care the shepherd gives his flock, nights of watchfulness to ward off the wild beasts, nights of nursing of young lambs, his joy when the lamblings attempt to frolic and play when only a few hours old


The sale of those young pets to butchers who provide dead burnt flesh for those who have not yet learned the of laws of health, let alone of compassion,


Every country has its animals which are held Sacred and because of their devotion or service to man are not butchered. When a westerner detects the sale of horse flesh, cat, or dog flesh, it is particularly distressing to him. Yet the sale of worn-out horses is increasing in many countries to be tinned for dog-meat.

Here in India, the Mother Cow is a sacred symbol of all that is holy - the great nourisher. Yet here in India, outrage is done by the slaughter of these gentle creatures for food. Conscience in commenting on the horror Australians felt in the discovery of the sale of horse flesh, said: "Conscience quite understands the horror felt by Australians that their loved comrade and friend, the horse, should be slaughtered for food. In India, the cow and bullock are the comrade and friend of man, and a most superior type of animal is this deeply revered Indian cow. In western countries, all know the devotion given by the dog to his master and the protection the master gives to his devotee. practically all the world respects the monkey for his physiological likeness to man.

"Yet there are countries in which one or more of these beloved friends are put to torture and death. The whole world has still to realize that in every animal there is that One Life, the form of which is sacred to life and should be protected by life."