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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India


Hitherto life has been motivated by sensual satisfaction. In the vegetarian era intellectual and emotional gratifications will be enhanced. The mathematicians Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein found life in the Universe far more enthralling and satisfying than the most expert gourmet. Education will continue throughout life and will bring out the great talents and beauties latent in all persons.

A completely vegetarian world will provide :

  1. Social security for every person on earth.

  2. The abolition of war for ever.

  3. A two-sex legislative body for every country. At each election, municipal and regional state or national the voter will be compelled to mark two X's, one for a,female candidate, the other for a male candidate. That alone will be a tremendous step towards abolishing war. Women must cease to be indifferent to politics, they must share equally with men a duty of governing
    the world.

  4. Higher education will include maximum brain and emotional development for all with emphasis on the growth of the aesthetic faculties. Aesthetic development nurtures the democratic instincts, strengthens the moral faculties and aids in preserving good health. Millions of future citizens will refuse meat because it is loathsome to the eyes.

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