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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India

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In the mountain Peaks we have been refreshing ourselves with the teachings of the Saviours and Great among Mankind, who set before men's eye's ideals which are far from being embodied in daily living, as we have also seen. Now let us descend into the market-places and view life as it is being lived today, Let us not wince and turn away as we read factual details of the horrors that ensue on account alone of our food-lusts. Very little mention will here be made of other forms of cruelty - such as the terrible suffering inflicted on trapped animals or in fur farms for vanity's sake, the incredible horrors of the vivisector's torture-chamber - the latter would require many volumes this size even to touch the lurid "low-lights." Nor will space be given to the poor spent creatures that are hunted in the name of sport. In the following you will find items taken from current journals, quoted for the most part first in Conscience, edited by George S. Arundale, a "Views paper" which valiantly fought against all forms of torture to living beings, and especially to our "younger brothers. the animals." The excerpts closed for this section reveal the suffering inflicted on animals for the sake of a fleeting taste - nay not even that, for indeed that flavour science has proved to us in this century is not intrinsically linked with animal flesh but can be found abundantly in vegetable and nut proteins, when properly prepared. So rather shall we say that this terrible cruelty has been wrought for the sake of a worn-out effete custom and tradition that it is "the thing to do to eat flesh and blood" dating back to the times when it was believed that he who partook of the lion's blood became as a lion, of the flesh of a bull, gained the strength of the bull, of a snake gained the wisdom of the serpent. In those days, long after the Golden Age of Innocence when men lived on herbs, nuts, and fruit, brothers banded together to kill their own father, partaking of his blood and flesh that his life and wisdom might pass into them, That meat-eating mankind has passed only slightly beyond that stage today will be the conviction borne in on us as we read the following from the pen of an adherent of one of the World's great Religions-Bahaism, one of whose main tenets is the Universal Brotherhood of all life:

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