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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India

Vegetarianism for Health

"The fact that consistent vegetarians, both adults and children, maintain a well nourished condition on diets of fruits and nuts, which are of moderate total food value and low protein content, is strong evidence that the protein of fruits and nuts must be well digested and efficiently utilized in metabolism. This is in harmony both with the belief' that man is descended from ancestors whose chief food was fruits and nuts, and with the results of modern investigations of the chemical structure of the nut proteins.
- Henry C. SHERMAN. (perhaps the greatest living authority on Dietetics, his various books being textbooks the world over.) - Head of the Nutrition Research Department of the Columbia University, New York, from his latest work "Food Products."

"It seems clear from the work of the past ten or fifteen years that the mutually supplementary effect of the proteins from cereals, roots, and leafy vegetables is such as to provide an excellent amino-acid blend for tissue construction and maintenance. Of course, we should have realized this quite clearly from the records of vegetarian peoples which are quite convincing in this respect."
-Sir Jack C. DRUMMOND (late Professor of Biochemistry, London University) in the Harben Lecture.

"It is vulgar to regard meat in any form as necessary to life.. . It must be admitted as a fact beyond all question that some persons are stronger and more healthy who live on that [ vegetarian ] food. I know how much of the prevailing meat diet is not merely a wasteful extravagance but a source of serious evil to the consumer ... I have been compelled by facts to accept the conclusion that more physical evil accrues to man from erroneous habits of diet than from even alcoholic drink."
-Sir HENRY THOMSON,. M.D., F. R. O.S. in ''Food and Feeding".

"We have quoted Rubner as condemning the old popular idea that meat is very 'strengthening.' Actual experiments on this point have shown exactly the opposite to be the case. Meat-eating and a high protein diet, instead of increasing one's endurance, have been shown exactly to reduce it.

"An experiment was made by Dr. Fisk to determine this question. It consisted of endurance tests made on forty-nine persons representing the two types of dietetic habits. The results indicated that the users of low-protein and non-flesh dietaries have far greater endurance than those who are accustomed to the ordinary American diet."
-EUGENE LYMAN FISK, M.D., and Irving Fisher, LL. D. in "How to Live.''

"It (Flesh Food) is material which of malice aforethought has sedulously been been rendered toxic during the animal's lifetime. In the first place his endocrine defences are interfered with by castration; he is then immobilized and overfed with a view to causing him to develop fatty degeneration of all his organs; and it is when this ugly process is complete that he is regarded as fit for human consumption."
-DR. LEONARD WILLIAMS in "The Practitioner"

"Flesh foods find no place in this [diabetic] regimen. for the ingestion of butcher's meat increases the toxaemic condition underlying the diabetic state and reduces the sugar tolerance. On the other hand, the non-flesh, non-stimulating and especially unfired vegetarian diet promotes and increases sugar tolerance."
- DR. ANDREW GOLD in "Diabetes : Its Cause and Treatment ''

"That it is easily possible to sustain life on the products of the vegetable kingdom needs no demonstration for physiologists even if a majority of the human race were not constantly engaged in demonstrating it, and many researches show not only that it is possible, but that it is infinitely preferable in every way."

''Comparative anatomy and physiology indicate fresh fruits and vegetables as the main food of man."
-Sydney M. WHITAKAR., M.D, M.R.C.S, in " Men's Natural Food : An Enquiry "

"It must be honestly admitted that, weight by weight vegetable substances, when they are carefully selected, possess the most striking advantages over animal food in nutritive value ...I should like to see the vegetarian and fruit living plan brought into general use, and I believe it will be."
-Sir Benjamin W. RICHARDSON, M D., F.R.S.

"A diet consisting of any stable grain with milk products and green leafy vegetables contains not only the right kind and amount of protein but everything else the body needs for health, strength, and well being."

"The functioning of the mind is affected by food. There are certain kinds of food that supply the correct material for the activating of the mental process. Generally speaking, the mind works best on a mild diet without meat and containing fresh vitamins and inorganic constituents rich in calcium-phosphates. It requires an immense amount of nourishment, highly specialized, and containing substances secreted by the endocrine organs of the body, which must therefore be in a generally healthy condition.''
- E. R. ROST, O.B.E., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. in " The Nature of Consciousness"

For Vegetarianism:
Flesh foods are not the best nourishment for human beings and were not the food of our primitive ancestors. They are secondary or second-hand products. since all food comes originally from the vegetable kingdom. There is nothing necessary or desirable for human nutrition to be found in meats or flesh-foods which is not found in and derived from vegetable products.

"A dead cow or sheep lying in a pasture is recognized as carrion. The same sort of carcass dressed and hung up in a butcher's stall passes as food: Careful microscopic examination may show little or no difference between the fence-corner carcass and butchershop carcass. Both are swarming with colon germs and redolent with putrefaction.

In order to obtain the best chance of recovering from chronic ill-health; in order to perpetuate the strength and vigour of youth to an advanced age; in order to fit oneself to withstand disease and to make a rapid recovery when attacked; in order to secure a clear head upon an active body; I am of opinion that a man should give up eating all dead bodies and all preparations of them - all entrails, organs, blood, and bones of dead animals, under whatever fancy name they may be presented.

Speaking on the world food crisis to the Parliamentary and Scientific committee in the House of Commons on July 29th, 1948 Sir John Boyd said that vegetarian diet is properly balanced and with plenty of legumes and vegetable proteins does very well. It would not only do well for the West but it would go far to save the East and to save both halves of the world from future wars.

In an article in the Journal of the Royal Institute of Chemistry for August 1954 there is the suggestion that man will have to move towards vegetarianism. It says: " If, owing to the use of synthetics, the value of wool and leather fall seriously, then we must either pay more for beef and mutton or these two staple articles of diet will disappear altogether."