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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
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In 1914
V. V. Giri
Mr. V. V. Giri, sent this message from Kings Inn Dublin - Indian Review Vol XV April 1914

Having spent already a year in the Capital cities of England, Scotland, and Ireland, I believe, I am in a position to give some information with due deference to the opinion of others.

For my part, I did not feel much difficulty as regards a vegetarian diet and it is with feeling of pleasure that I mention here that many Indian gentlemen are continuing to be vegetarians enjoying as they do, the best health possible.

When the people of this western world are favouring vegetarianism by establishing vegetarian hotels and restaurants in different parts of this country, and what is more, when they themselves are becoming vegetarians, it is really strange that our Indian brethren who are vegetarians in India should become non-vegetarians after coming over to this country. I should like to mention here that even in ordinary hotels, they make some arrangements for those who are vegetarians, provided they give them directions.

Some people may say that for persons having weak constitutions it is necessary to take to a meat diet, to preserve their health in this cold climate. I beg to submit, in all humility, that they don't require any animal matter provided they take a pure and nutritious vegetarian diet and wear nice warm clothing.

I write this article without the slightest intention of disclaiming what is said by any gentleman here, but with a sincere motive of giving information to all my friends in India who have a wish to come over here, but who are prevented from doing so by the imaginary fears that they would be compelled by circumstances to become non-vegetarians after coming over here.