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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India


Every writer in this Souvenir is united in the desire to win the world to the Vegetarian way of life. Each has expressed his honest and sincere conviction as to the best was to tread that way, as he has himself found, from his own personal experience. By pooling all our experiences we can arrive at a via media - a golden mean - and show that the Vegetarian Way is a good way with many paths, suited to various temperaments, all leading to the mountain peak of At-One-ment with the One Life of which we are all a part. In this Souvenir we have taken our firm stand on Compassion as the prime motive for our Convictions, placing even bodily health and other utilitarian reasons as subsidiary. On such a basis of pity for all life, we cannot go wrong in our strong demand for a Vegetarian World.



The contributors, many of them very busy people. who have generously given valuable articles and messages herein.

Srimati Rukmini Devi who placed her library at our disposal.

The Authorities of the Adyar Library, the University Library, and the Connemara Library.

Sri D. C. Desai who favoured us with articles which he had already collected.

Sri Vepa Ramesan and Sri Vepa Copal and others for lending us books on vegetarianism.

Srimati A. P. Siitaa Devii and Dr. E. Sundaresan, for assisting in the editing and printing of the Souvenir, and for reading first proof on highly technical matter.

Sri Nachiappan for the excellent cover page.

The Navajeean Trust, Ahmedabad, and Sarvasera Sangh for permission to publish Gandhiji's and Vinobha Bhaveji's articles.

The Editors of the World Forum. Vegetarian News, Vegetarian, Vegetarian Messenger, American Vegetarian, A. V. Hygenist, New Zealand Vegetarian, and Indian Express for giving permission to use extracts from their journals.

The Theosophical Society, Adyar, for giving permission to print Dr. Besant's and Bishop Leadbeater's articles.

The advertisers and donors to the Congress who have financially made possible this Souvenir.

The B. N. K. Press for their printing and block-making of' a difficult work in a very short time.

The Vasanta Press, Adyar, for so kindly printing last minute messages, reports, and advertising.

The following for their articles which we regret we are unable to include in this Souvenir, as they reached us after its completion: Sri Platova, Maganlal P. Doshi, Dharamchand Sarawgi. Shirly C. Johnson, R. B. Pragawat, Scott Nearing, K. Lakshmana Sarnia, Vemaraju Bhanu Murti.

- Editorial Board