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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India


Life, an American journal, writes up the saga of "Lucky Boy," a champion of champion steers, who after having been so crowned on 5th December in Chicago's annual International Livestock Exposition, was murdered in the Chicago stockyards a week later and after rigor mortis of his poor carcass had softened sufficiently with a, "week's ageing" so that it could be eaten was served on the Stevens Hotel menu on 20th December.

To add insult to injury the menu in utter callousness carried a picture of the splendid steer in life with a short history of his pedigree.

More honest still it would have been to add the pictures portrayed in Life of Lucky Boy's murder, wherein is shown Lucky Boy nuzzling his penmate as he is led away to slaughter, Lucky Boy being brutally pulled down the long ramp, resisting every step of the way, Lucky Boy receiving a blow from a sledge hammer, Lucky Boy stunned but not dead falling with tongue hanging out, Lucky Boy spurting blood from severed jugular vein, the carcass of Lucky Boy split in two with hide removed. Then if the patrons of the Stevens could endure eating the flesh from this King of Steers, they would show to the full the decadence of this present so-called civilization.

A World Conscience cries aloud : How long, how long, can such utter callousness endure?