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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India


Cholesterol is now in the limelight as a Number One Killer through such diseases as hardening of the arteries, coronary thrombosis, etc. A team of Doctors in Capetown led by Prof. J. Brock fed different kinds of fats and oils to eight men, reports "Lancet" and found that animal fats such as drippings, lard, butter, etc. brought about a condition which leads to coronary thrombosis, but vegetable fats, such as olive oil and ground-nut (peanut) oils did not have this effect. This may explain why Italians, who consume large quantities of olive oil, seem much less susceptible to coronary thrombosis.

H. Skadsheim, writing under the title "Must We Eat Diseased Food to be Healthy?" in "The American Vegetarian," tells of his personal experience. His Doctor, removing 18 gall-stones told him they were "pure cholesterol." Later, learning that his liver was heavily damaged by cholesterol, he commenced to check on the cholesterol contents of various foods. "Carrots had only one milligram cholesterol for every 100 grams of food. Potatoes 2mg. Most were below 7 or 8 mg. Many of the fruits has higher amounts, oranges being up to 9mg. Nuts and legumes were not much higher. The grains ranged through the teens, corn having 19mg. Very lean beefsteak however, had 37mg; Cheese and dried milk around 200mg. [probably it was whole dried milk], and eggs from 1460 to 2150mg. Salmon had up to 3200mg." Since "the purpose of cholesterol is to stimulate growth of tissues... it is very natural for milk and eggs to be very high in cholesterol, because the young chicks, calves, and babies need it to stimulate their growing. The salmon grows as long as it lives.

A medical research item is quoted: "The chemical elements of cholesterol... are factors of degenerative, life-shortening diseases. Meat, cheese, cereal grains, butter, animal-fats, and eggs contain cholesterol producing sclerosis... It should be noted with emphasis that egg and milk vegetarians also have arteriosclerosis, and not without reason as the customary use of bread, cereals, eggs, and butter furnishes cholesterol in excess... Pure cholesterol alone, except in enormous doses of fifty grams daily, kept up for six months, produced no sclerosis, while small amounts as 0.3 grams fed with milk, eggs, and greens, produced marked arteriosclerosis.

Mr. Skadsheim lists "eggplant, soy beans, buckwheat, grapefruit, and garlic" as foods helping to counteract degenerative diseases, but does not give his authority.

Uric Acid was given as the killer in 1899 by Dr. Alexander Haig who listed as the principle offenders in uric-acid content: Animal flesh, eggs, vegetable substances rich in alkaloids, such as pulses, asparagus and mushrooms, likewise tea, coffee, and cocoa. He even deplored the use of "refined" or denatured flours. He especially praised the use of nuts and milk, and cheese, garden vegetables, cereals (refined) and fruits. He limited fluid intake. While the dietetics of the twentieth century has found that refined cereals and flours cause beri beri, and that only the inner husks of grains protect both man and animal from diseases of the nervous and digestive systems gained from the use of a high starch diet, still much of what Dr. Haig has written still needs careful consideration.