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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India

Eva M. Budd (Secretary, Toronto Unit)
Ruth E. Playle (Secretary, Canadian Vegetarian Union)

The Toronto Vegetarian Association was formed in 1945, when a few vegetarians met at the home of Professor Arthur F. Stevenson. In its first year there were 23 members. Weekly meetings were held at various cafeterias and restaurants, and talks were given by well-known vegetarians unifying all aspects of vegetarianism. At this time, the development of the Association was motivated by the two objects stated in the constitution - to provide a means of fellowship for all those who believe in vegetarianism, and to assist in the better understanding of the possibilities of a vegetarian diet.

In 1949, vegetarians from Toronto and other parts of Canada attended the American Vegetarian Convention at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. While there, the Canadian group agreed to form a national union which became known as the Canadian Vegetarian Union.

A close relationship has been sustained between Canadian and American vegetarians. There has been considerable correspondence between groups, and Canadians have regularly attended the conventions of the American Natural Hygiene Society and enjoyed the health resorts of their neighbours. Canada has also benefited by prominent lecturers from both the United States and England. During the past year, the Toronto Unit has been inspired by such eminent visitors as Hanworth Walker, Mrs. Gasque, Dr. C. Gian-Cursio and Professor and Mrs. Scott Nearing. Mr. Walker's visit was one which had been eagerly anticipated for several months. His message of non-hurtfulness and peace for the world fell like a benediction upon us. Mrs. Gasque again raised our thinking to a lofty, ethical plane and deepened our awareness of responsibility to all creatures. On two occasions this year, Dr. Gian-Cursio, natural hygienist, enlightened us on the powers of nature to restore abused bodies to a state of wholesomeness and well-being, We always profit from the practical philosophy and wisdom of the Nearings in the living of the simple but abundant life.

We have reached beyond our borders to points as far distant as India, where we sent a consignment of Multi-Purpose Food; to Burma, where we dispatched a supply of literature ; and to England and Germany, where individuals have been helped by gifts of food. There has been some correspondence with prospective immigrants from Europe and the United Kingdom whom we wish to help.

Frequent letters to the Press have conveyed the spirit of vegetarianism to the reading public and reiterated the themes of natural foods and fasting. Advertisements have been placed in the newspapers of cities where there is no organized group of vegetarians, and letters and literature have been sent to enquirers. The executive have distributed books, health publications, and recipes.

Our health food stores are located in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto. The Toronto Unit has recently started a fund which we hope will some day materialize into a restaurant and meeting centre.

In a letter to the Toronto Board of Control early this year, the C.V.U. opposed the fluoridation of the city's water supply, and a deputation of 160 persons appeared before the Board to protest the proposed measure. Civic action was deferred until the authorities have more definite knowledge of the implications.

The contributions of our own members and associates have done much to kindle the home fires and bring further illumination on vegetarianism in its fullest sense.

We are indebted to the late George Corsan, physical culturist and patriarch of Echo Valley; to Julie Kimball for her excellent editorial material ; to Mrs. Melainie Johnston for her noble efforts to have vivisection abolished ; to Herbert A. Mowat, National Director of the Canada-Israel Association, for showing us clearly the relationship between vegetarianism and world food problems; to Wilson MacDonald for his idealistic lyricism; to Alex. B. Davies, N. D., for his interpretations of the divine implications of vegetarianism; to W. J. McCormick, M. D., for his expert scientific knowledge of nutrition; to Leo Pritzker, Mrs. E. W. Jackson, Eva M. Budd, Hugh Jackson and Irene Middleton, whose energies and talents have been dedicated to our high purposes, and to many others who have given their services in order that our way of life may be better understood.

The members of the Canadian Vegetarian Union join with friends around the world in promoting the vegetarian way of life as a necessary step towards the elimination of cruelty, war and injustice and the bringing in of the new age of brotherhood and peace.