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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India
North Americans at the Indian Congress

Professor Scott Nearing addressing an Indian audience at the Arya Sangha Hall, Bombay, during his visit to India, where he was welcomed by the World Vegetarian Congress Committee.

Deputy President welcomed
Mr Oluf Egerod, of Denmark, Deputy President of I.V.U., when he was hreeted on arrival in India. With him are Mr Shah, Mr J.N.Mankar, chief organiser of the Congress, Mr Woodland Kahler [USA] and Mr Pattani.

Bouquet for I.V.U. President
Mrs Clarence Gasque, President of the I.V.U., receiving a bouquet from Mrs L.K.Munshi, M.P., at the opening of the Vegetarian Food and Cookery Exhibition in Bombay.

from pre-congress notices: The General Organising Committee will include among many others, the President of the International Vegetarian Union - Mrs. Clarence Gasque; . . . and Mr. Woodland Kahler [both USA], as representatives of the Executive Committee of the International Vegetarian Union.

American Visitors to India
Professor Scott Nearing and Mrs. Nearing were also recent visitors entertained by the Congress organizers and Professor Nearing spoke in Bombay on the ethics and economics of vegetarianism. He stressed the moral necessity to allow all creatures to live their full span of life so that, like human children, they could develop their potentialities.

from the Congress reports:

Mrs. Clarence Gasque, President of the I.V.U., had flown from Mexico for the Bombay sessions, despite her knee injury, and took the chair at social and business meetings.

from the Opening speech by Rikinin Devi:
"Our warmest welcome is offered to the President of the Congress, Madame Clarence Gasque. She is the President of the International Vegetarian Union and it is due to her encouragement and enthusiasm that this Congress as well as similar Congresses in the past have been made possible. Under her direction, the International Vegetarian Union has been giving magnificent service to the world. I am fortunate in having known her for many years and I know she combines the rare virtues of compassion and generosity. In her acceptance of the ideal of brotherhood she includes not only human beings but also the animal kingdom. This has inspired her to give support and leadership to a cause which is the real founda-tion of health and happiness for all. It is difficult to express in words our gratitude to her for taking so much trouble to guide the work of the Congress and for coming such a long way to preside on this occasion. India welcomes her and it is our hope that she will visit this country often as we consider this Congress to be only the beginning of greater work to follow."

Minutes of the Business Meetings

Present: Mrs Gasque (President), . . . Woodland Kahler, . . .and representatives of . . . Canada, . . . USA . . .

Election and Re-election of Officers: The following were approved for a term of office:-President: Mrs.Clarence Gasque (USA) . . .
Committee: the above and Mr.Kahler. . . .
Vice Presidents were re-elected en bloc with the following additions:- . . . Dr.W.McGregor (USA)

Regional Secretaries: It was agreed that three Secretaries should be appointed to work in the following regions:- India and the East; America and the West; and in Britain for Europe and the North; under the direction of the Executive Committee. That funds should be allocated to the Indian and USA Secretaries for working capital.

Mrs Gasque was thanked for her generous support.

From the Souvenir Book (the authors were not necessarily present at the Congress, but sent their contributions):