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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India

Minutes of the Business Meetings

The Sessions of The Indian Congress November 1957

Present: Mrs Gasque (President), Messrs W.A.Sibly, Oluf Egerod, Woodland Kahler, Geoffrey L.Rudd, Dr.Jean Nussbaum, H.Harris (General Secretary) and representatives of Australia, Austria Belgium, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaya, Pakistan, Switzerland, USA and South Africa.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed by the president.

Annula Report: The Secretary's report was read and approved.

Financial Report: The Assistant Treasurer reviewed the year ended 31 December 1956 and presented audited accounts which were approved. (The Honorary Auditor, Mr.Philip Shirley of Manchester, was thanked for his kind services).

Election and Re-election of Officers: The following were approved for a tern of office:-

President: Mrs.Clarence Gasque (USA)
Deputy President: Mr Oluf Egerod (Denmark)
First Past President: Mr.W.A.Sibly (England)
Treasurer: Mr Josef Pedersen (Sweden)
Assistant Treasurer: Mr.Geoffrey L.Rudd (England)
Committee: the above and Mr.Kahler. Mr.James Hough and Frau Ecker-Lauer having resigned, Dastur F.Bode and Herr.Geo Hiller were elected in their places.
(Secretary and paid staff are elected by the committee).

Vice Presidents were re-elected en bloc with the following additions:-
Mr.U San Hla (Burma)
Dr.Mazakazu Vira Dharmawara (Cambodia)
Dr.W.McGregor (USA)
Mr.Mangaldas M.Pakvasa (India)
Mr.J.Vinkenborg (Holland)

Regional Secretaries: It was agreed that three Secretaries should be appointed to work in the following regions:- India and the East; America and the West; and in Britain for Europe and the North; under the direction of the Executive Committee. That funds should be allocated to the Indian and USA Secretaries for working capital.

IVU Constitution and Rules: It was agreed that these should be revised as necessary by a small sub-committee and be submitted to the next Congress in Germany.

German Congress 1960: It was agreed that the German Congress should ne held in 1960.

The President addressed the final business meeting held at the Taj Mahal Hotel.
Dastur Bode read messages received.
Mr.Rudd read the resolutions to be sent to the Indian Government which had been approved.
Mrs Gasque was thanked for her generous support.
Mr.J.N.Mankar gave thanks to the president and all the delegates who had taken part in the Congress. He also gave special thanks to Mrs.Rukmini Devi Arundale who had inspired and guided the reception committee, and to the many generous Indian hosts and hostesses.

The President of the Bombay Humanitarian League offered to present a Gold Medal to the IVU which was asked to appoint two judges to award the medal for the best essay submitted on vegetarianism.

Mrs.Rukmini Devi Arundale, in expressing Indian gratitude to the President, asked delegates to secure copies of the Resolutions and try to get them published in the press.

The organizers of the Congress were congratulated and thanked for the excellent arrangements made.

Resolutions Approved:

"the members of this International Vegetarian Union, now assembled in the land made sacred to millions by the work of Mahatma Gandhi, desire to thank the leaders of Indian opinion and the people of India in general for the extraordinary kindness and splendid hospitality shown to them on every side."

"This International Vegetarian Union desires to thank the president of India for his great kindness in honouring its meeting by his presence, and also expresses its deep appreciation of the help and patronage given by so many men, representative of the officials and public life of India."

For publication:

This 15th World Vegetarian Congress assembled here and representing 22 nations calls upon all people to observe the principle of non-violence in relation to the human race and to the animal kingdom;

(a) It therefore deplores the exploitation of animals for food, and in the light of the latest scientific evidence, it affirms that vegetarian diet can provide adequate nutrition for vigorous health to all peoples, in whatever work they are arranged, and will bring relief from many diseases associated with modern civilization.

(b) Being concerned with the availability of wholesome foods essential for health, it deplores the contamination of crops by poisonous chemicals and by radio-active fall-out. It therefore calls upon all Governments to investigate the advantage of organic food production and to join in banning the use of atomic power for destructive purposes.

(c) In view of the rapidly increasing population of the world it calls upon all Governments to consider the advantage of a vegetarian economy which will ensure adequate supplies of highly-nutritive foods. It deplores the wasteful use of land and manpower in the production of flesh foods.

(d) Noting the special pressure in India of population upon food, it urges the Government of India to reconsider the whole question before it accepts the recommendation contained in the "report on the Marketing and Inspection of the Ministry of Meat in India" published by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture that "extensive propaganda may be carried out to educate the people and on the advisability of its increased consumption in their daily diet.

(e) It calls upon all leaders, religious, social, cultural and political, of all nations to and particularly of India, which is the homeland of non-violence - Ahimsa - to recognize that the slaughter of animals is inconsistent with an enlightened way of life, and to take steps to put an end to such slaughter.

(f) It notes the protest from India and other countries against the export of monkeys, and in view of the sufferings involved it strongly urges the government of India to prohibit this traffic.

(g) It calls upon the education departments and educational institutions of the countries of the world to take steps to include special studies and research on vegetarianism and nutrition in universities, and to include the teaching of a humane way of life and vegetarianism in schools and colleges.

(h) It urges the Governments of the countries of the world to close slaughterhouses on sacred days, and have as many meatless days as possible during the year.

(i) It calls upon people of all nations and on all vegetarian organizations to observe "World Vegetarian Day" at least once a year (a suitable date to be agreed).

(j) It recommends the International Vegetarian Union:-
(1) To evolve an ethical code of conduct for vegetarians in various countries in consultation with national vegetarian societies.
(2) To encourage the formation of vegan groups within vegetarian Societies.
(3) To advise vegetarians to gradually give up the use of animal products and intoxicating drinks.

Rukmini Devi Arundale
22nd August 1960