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12th IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1950

Oosterbeck, Netherlands

from The Vegetarian News (London) Autumn 1950:


THE Twelfth Congress of the International Vegetarian Union was held at Pietersberg, Oosterbeek, near Arnhem, by invitation of the Dutch Vegetarian Society, who organised the Conference. Pietersberg is a large house in beautiful grounds with a fine view of woods sloping down to the Rhine. The district had poignant memories of the fatal British Airborne landing.

There were ten nations represented at the Conference: America, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Norway, Scotland and Sweden. The L.V.S. delegates were: Mrs. M. C. Horsfield and Mrs. E. B. Shrigley, and those of the VS. were Mr. H. H. Jones, Mr. J. Hough, Mr. Healey, Mr. C. Mallieu and Mr. Kirby. English visitors included Miss B. Jamieson, Mrs. H. H. Jones, Mrs. C. Mallieu, Mrs. Kirby, Miss M. Lardge, Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Mr. Hanworth Walker. Mrs. Reid of Saltcoats VS. represented Scotland.

The Conference began on Tuesday with a Dinner and greetings from delegates. The next day the real work of the Conference began with detailed reports from each affiliated society to the I.V.U. on the work achieved during the past three years. During the week there were interesting lectures from Mr. W. A. Sibly with lantern slides of his Australian tour; Kirsten Nolfi (Denmark) on "Raw Food"; Dr. C. J. Schurmann (Holland) on "The Psychology of Vegetarianism," especially relations between parents and children ; Mr. Kaj Dessau on "The Future of the I.V. Movement "; Mr. Roy Walker on "The Coming World Famine "; Mr. H. A. M. C. Dibbets on "Dutch Polders "; Mrs. Gasque on "The Vegetarian Movement in North America "; and Dr. Voute on "Biological Equilibrium." Mrs. Horsfield spoke on three occasions.

The Dutch Vegetarian Society arranged visits to Arnhem Exhibition, to a Home for Old People, and also to a fine collection of Van Gogh paintings. There was an enjoyable day's outing to Rotterdam with a. steamer trip round the docks and a visit to the twenty-two windmills near Elshont.

The resolutions passed at the Congress were:

1. One presented by Mr. H. H. Jones and Mr. Roy Walker dealing with the world food supply and population.

2. One presented by Mrs. Horsfield deploring the use of artificials on the soil and calling for world-wide governmental action to promote healthy soil by collecting kitchen and garden waste to return to the fields as compost.

3. One by Professor Stevettson of Canada dealing with the problem of humane slaughter as very second best.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS.-The following Officers were elected: President, Mr. W. A. Sibly; Vice-Presidents, Mr. James Hough and Mrs. Gasque; Hon. Secretary, Oluf Egerod; Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Peterson of Sweden.

Mrs. Gasque offered to subsidise an I.V.U. office and Secretary, provided it was in London, and suggested that the Secretary should be a woman. The Committee will decide about the Secretary at a meeting in September.

There will be one Representative elected from each affiliated Society to serve on the Committee.

The following Societies were accepted as members of the I.V.U.: Canadian Vegetarian Society ; American Vegetarian Union; Germany - two Societies - Secs. Mr. Rall and Mr. Briest; Vegetarian Catering Association.

The first Vegetarian International Youth Gathering was held near Oosterbeek at the same time as the I.V.U. Congress. The countries represented were Holland, Germany and England.

The members attended the meetings at the Congress and spoke and asked questions.

The Dutch Vegetarian Society is to be congratulated on having such a vigorous Youth Group.

The Conference finished with a farewell Dinner with speeches, followed by an entertainment.

The value of the Conference was not only in the lectures and discussions, but in the friendly intercourse and exchange of ideas with delegates from other countries.

from The Vegetarian News (London) Spring 1951:

We congratulate the I.V.U. on their appointment of Mr. Hanworth Walker as Secretary, and we extend to Mr. Walker the good wishes of the Society in the heavy task which lies before him, of establishing a London headquarters of the I.V.U., and we assure him of our keenest interest and support in its successful establishment.