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11th IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1947

Stonehouse, England

North American at the Congress

Mrs V.W.Bricker & Mr E. A. Webbe, both from Ohio, USA, at the 1947 Congress

A telegram was received, from the Secretary of the CALGARY VEGETARIAN SOCIETY with the message :- "Vegetarians owe a debt of gratitude to the founders of The Vegetarian Society and to those who have upheld its principles since its inception." This refers to the Centenary of the original Vegetarian Society, founded 1847, which was celebrated during the Congress. We don't know when the Calgary Society was formed.

Brief speeches were made by the overseas delegates - ... Mr. E. A. Webbe (U.S.A.), ...

During the course of the evening Mr. James Hough (Congress Secretary) intimated that Mr. Webbe had brought with him, by plane, direct from the States, an attractive basket of fruit as a token of goodwill from the vegetarians in America.

The congratulations of the I.V.U. were also cabled to the American Naturopathic Congress, celebrating its Jubilee in New York, and holding a special day devoted exclusively to the exposition of vegetarianism, ...

J. H. Bolt, the Dutch philosopher-Statesman of the vegetarian movement, was, throughout the war, honorary secretary of the International Vegetarian Union. In 1946 he sent a questionnaire to societies in Europe and America to discover what had been the dietary experience of vegetarians under rationing during the war, . . . four governments been persuaded to make special provision for vegetarians during the war. In America, of course, it was unnecessary, because there was no serious food shortage.