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3rd World Vegetarian Congress 1910

Brussels, Belgium

The following Pre-Congress Notices are from the Vegetarian Messenger, (the monthly magazine of the Vegetarian Society of Great Britain, based in Manchester, England) :


Dr .Ernest Nyssens announces that the International Vegetarian Congress will take place at Brussels from 10th to the 12th June next.

International Union
The Third Congress will take place in Brussels on June 10th, 11th, and 12th, and has been organised by the Belgian Vegetarian Society on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition. It will be conducted on similar lines to that held in connection with the Paris Exhibition of 1900.

The Comité d' Honneur are :-President, M. le Dr. Huchard, membre de l'Academie de Médecine. Membres d'honneur :- M. M. le rev. Mayor prof. à la I' Université de Cambridge. le Dr. Jules Grand, prest. de la Soc. Veg. de France. A. F. Hills, prest. de la Soc. Veg. de Londres. Organising Committee :- Messrs. Wm. E. A. Axon, Manchester ; A. Broadbent, Manchester ; A. Meyroos, Rotterdam ; J. Morand, Paris ; J. S. Saxon, Stockholm ; Dr. G. Sells, Baden ; Prof. Woeikov, St. Petersburg. Executive Committee :- Dr. Ern. Nyssens, Brussels ; P. Hoffmann, Ghent ; Dr. Ley, Uccle-lez-Bruxelles ; J. Roux, Amiens. Secretary - M.F, Thalasso, 200, rue du Trône, Bruxelles.

The work of the Congress will -be divided into four sections, which can sit simultaneously or consecutively according to the amount of matter in hand.
1.Vegetarianism and Hygiene, under the guidance of M. J. Lefèvre, Prof. of Biology at Havre.
2. Therapeutic Vegetarianism, i.e., the treatment of disease by means of the vegetarian diet, under the guidance of M. le Dr. Pascault, of Cannes.
3. Social and Economic Aspects of Vegetarianism, under the guidance of M. le Dr. Danjou, of Nice.
4.- The Moral Aspect of Vegetarianism under the guidance of Mdlle. Dr. I. Ioteyko, head of laboratory at the University of Brussels.


The International Vegetarian Congress.
Dr. Nyssens wishes us to ask all those friends who intend to visit the International Vegetarian Congress in Brussels, June 10th, 11th, 12th, to send their names without delay to Monsieur Thalasso, 200, Rue du Trône, Brussels. Those who send in their names early in April will receive from the Belgian Government an illustrated souvenir of Brussels and the Exhibition. This Congress ot the International Vegetarian Union will be of special interest, and no charge will be made for membership.

Our Restaurant at Brussels Exhibition

The restaurant built by the British Vegetarian Society in Brussels. The wording below the roof says: 'Restaurant Vegetarien'. The people, just visible in the upper floor windows give an idea of the size.

The International Exhibition at Brussels is announced to open on the 22nd of April. We are hopeful that the Vegetarian Society's Restaurant will prove an interesting feature of the Exhibition. The organisation has been carried through by our Secretary, Mr. Broadbent, and will be under his direction throughout the term of the Exhibition. The propaganda at our restaurant will be of an international character, and some of the literature of all the chief Vegetarian Societies will be exhibited for sale. There will be waitresses of Belgian, Dutch, German and English nationality, and there will be tables at which the English, Dutch and German are spoken ; each will carry a miniature flag of the country represented by the waitress. The manager, Miss Linke, speaks fluently English, French and German, as do also other of our helpers at the restaurant. Breakfasts luncheons, teas and evening dinners will he supplied. Breakfasts and teas at 75 centimes. Four-course dinners at one franc. The position of our restaurant is one of the most beautiful in the Exhibition. It is under the shelter of the magnificent Bois de Cambre, and we have been fortunate in the Exhibition authorities having decided to make a public entrance at our door from these beautiful woodlands.


Dr I.Toteyko is gathering, by means of questions and answers, information about vegetarian children. The results will be brought before the International Congress at Brussels.