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1st IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1908

Dresden, Germany

Pre-Congress Notices

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), July 1908

International Vegetarian Federation. - Arrangements are in progress for carrying out the suggestion made by Dr. Danjou [Vice-President of the French Vegetarian Society] at the 60th Anniversary of the Vegetarian Society [October 1907] for the inauguration of an International Federation of Vegetarian Societies. The first Congress is being held at Dresden at the time of the Esperanto Congress, August 16th to 23rd. For the organisation of which the Vegetarian Society is responsible. Full particulars will be given in the August MESSENGER.

[ further details of Dr. Danjou's speech ]

From some notes on the history of the Friends (Quakers) Vegetarian Society (they are still members of IVU):

The Society decided to be represented at the International Federation of Vegetarian Societies to be held in Dresden in August, at the time of the Esperanto Congress.
... at the end of 1906 the Society had a membership of about 100 … This year 34 new members have joined.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), August 1908

International Vegetarian Congress at Dresden. - The arrangements for the International Vegetarian Congress at Dresden are now completed. It will be held in the Vereinhaus, Zinzendorfstrasse 17.

On Monday evening, the 17th August, at 8 p.m., the president and Committee of the Dresden Vegetarian Society will receive the delegates and friends. There will be short speeches an musical selections.

The Congress will take place at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the 18th August, followed by a public meeting in the evening at 8 p.m. The business to be discussed by the Congress will be : the formation of an International Federation of Vegetarian Societies ; to receive the reports by delegates of the work of their various societies, and to discuss suggestions and plans for the extension of vegetarian propaganda.

The delegates can be lodged at the pension of Frau Dr. Thesmar, Munchenstrausse 9, Dresden, at two to four marks a night. There are four good restaurants in Dresden.

Mr. William Harrison, Mr. William Simpson, Mr. Hamilton Harris, and Mr. Albert Broadbent will represent the Vegetarian Society. Miss F. I. Nicholson will represent the London Vegetarian Society, and Mr. J. A. Gill the Friends' Vegetarian Society. The Vegetarian Society is responsible for the organisation of the Congress.